Mythic Blood: Winter

Hi there!

Mark Faulkner has an obsession about my character having Mythic Blood. It is an ice maga based around a winter/hunter(read: ruthless nature) concept.

What suggestions would you have for a winter mythic blood?

I was thinking about creating a blast of ice (ice storm?) or an area of effect massive drop in temperature that freezes everything around. Any other suggestions? Level 35 as usual.

The 2 effects above could be modelled as such....

(Based on Last Flight of the Phoenix, but cold based)
Winter's Icy touch (PeIg 35)
R: Per, D: Mom, T:Ind.
Causes a massive drop in temperature in an area 20 paces around the magus. The drop is so sudden that items in this area become brittle and people get stuck to the ground if it was muddy (the earth freeezes suddenly). Everything in the area takes +25 cold based damage. Since the range is personal, it also affects the caster magus, bypassing its magical resistance

Base:25, +2 size

Tears of Demeter (CrAu(Aq) 35)
Creates a gale force tornado of ice. Anyone standing inside the effect take +5 damage per turn and vision is seriously impaired.

Level 5: creates very severe weather
+2 voice
+1 diameter
+2 very unnatural phenomenon

I m not sure about the second one.

Other suggestions?


If you're going for the mythic blood it saves me having to do a rewrite :slight_smile: Some suggestions although I'm too tired to begin spewing mechanics:

  • A frost breath à la Superman
  • Ability to summon/create snowstorms
  • A midas touch except it turns things to ice rather than gold
  • Same as above but encases target in ice like the spell Encase in Ice from Wizard's Grimoire 4th ed.
  • A chameleon like ability to conceal yourself in snow/ice
  • Ability to shape ice/snow like Iceman in Marvel comics
  • Ability to turn yourself into a yeti!
  • Ability to move unimpeded in winter conditions (think Legolas in LotR when they are scaling the mountain in the first film)
  • Ability to turn yourself into snow/ice
  • an "ice ray" like Mr Freeze
  • Enduring sub-zero temperatures including high altitudes
  • Create walls of ice
  • Aborb heat
  • Resistant to heat or particularly vulnerable to it as a potential flaw
  • Summon cold winds

Note that you wouldnt need any muddiness or even visible water for the "sticky effect", also hardsole shoes isnt the standard, and softsole shoes will tend much more towards getting stuck if its even a slight amount of moist that quickfreezes.

A single/rare use suicidal spell as your big mythic blood thingy?
Doesnt sound very fun?

I think some of Octavians suggestions are better:
Ability to summon/create snowstorms
Same as above but encases target in ice like the spell Encase in Ice from Wizard's Grimoire 4th ed.
A chameleon like ability to conceal yourself in snow/ice
Ability to move unimpeded in winter conditions
Create walls of ice
Summon cold winds

Will try to come up with something myself, but right now, its early rather than late so i just gotta get some sleep... :stuck_out_tongue:

Summon snowmen? Or some elemental of ice? Ice golems, snow golems, etc.

Oneness with the Wintry Winds as a transport spell? MuCo(Au) or even one with Aq req for change into snow (with additional Re req for movement through snow? (melt into snow, reappear somewhere else, keep opponents guessing?) Longer distance travel via change into wind (although perhaps a bit uncertain where you arrive unless it also has a Re added req.)

Just a couple more ideas.

Don't count on this yet. I have to do quite some juggling to be able to get this, specially since it would be combined with an immunity to cold (major). Changes the character quite substantially so I have to look at it really closely. For one, the shapeshifting ability will need to go. Maybe a skinchanger, but that would be it.

If you read the last flight of the phoenix spell (flambeau chapter of societates) you will see that it is basically the same but at a lower level and cold based. Combined with an immunity to cold makes me impervious to its effects. The flambeau example also suggests that magi with greater immunity to fire are the ones using that spell regularly. I am not THAT suicidal :wink:

I like some of the suggestions. Encase in ice has some potential for the magus concept fort example. I am leaning more towards cold and ice (still, unchanging phenomenons) more than blizzard-like thunderstorms.



Don't forget the maximum level of a Mythic Blood effect is 30, and if you pick a high level effect you're forever stuck with low or no penetration (unless Mark has a house rule I don't know about).

I'd recommend something that fits with your character concept, but that your character can't easily duplicate by his own magic. If you really want a powerful, high penetration "Last Flight" cold equivalent, you can probably invent it, especially if you have a focus. I'd probably go for some sort of effect that doesn't require penetration that might be a little outside your magical bailiwick Shapeshifting? Invisibility?

YMMV, naturally.

@Lucius: cool video. I got some ideas there :wink:

@Falls: true. Point taken. Maybe I should simply combine the immunity to cold and the mythic blood to get a permanent (sun duration) Ward vs Cold and Ice on myself. At +25 to soak or so, it is effectively an immunity to all but the most severe (read: magical) winter climate effects. It frees a lot of "virtue space" for the other things I wanted to take with this character. With 2 Major virtues it starts to look too constrained for my liking....

I could replicate the immunity ward, but uit seems to fit the concept.

Do you think that the effect could combine into "not hindered by winter effects" (including blizzards et al) AND a "soak vs cold" effect? Basically, the character would feel at home (and not hindered) in the middle of an ice blizzard with ice, snow and strong winds flying around even when naked. Being able to move and see normally in such environment, et al. That is the idea I am trying to achieve, but maybe that would require several effects at once. Books at home so I cannot number-crunch this right now to see the level of the effect(s)

On a related note: what GENDER do you associate with winter? Better a male or female character?



Ah ok, that makes it a damn lot more sensible.

I think you can manage it from a single effect, to a degree at least, but you will likely have to reduce the cold soak part more than a little...

Neither really, but from the start with this character of yours it has felt like a "she". :wink:

Doesnt have to be superpowerful, a dense but harmless snowfall covering a vast area is a nice way to travel "incognito"... :stuck_out_tongue:
"-oh damn, its snowing, in the middle of summer... guess Marcella is coming back again". :wink:

It depends what influences you want. In Chinese/Japanese mythology the Yuki no Onna is a spirit maiden of winter. For europe, I think most people associate vikings or other germanic "barbarian" raiders with winter.

Name being changed to Glacius or Glacia (ice in latin, with a terrible declination for sure) for the time being :wink:


Ice in Latin is actually Glacialis but your two option should be close enough.

Alternatively the term for cold is Frigus which could be adapted to Frigia if female I suppose (serf's latin).

As for gender, thats an interesting question. You might recall that the Chronicles of Narnia has the White Witch and the Scottish Celts (Gales actually but let's not pick at gnats) had a goddess for winter, Beira Queen of Winter, who was the Hag aspect of a triple goddess.

There is an ancient British custom to appoint the Lord of Misrule to oversee winter festivities which goes back to the Roman festivities during the week of Saturnalia.

In Norse mythology Skadi is the Goddess of winter and of the hunt.

It's really up to you which gender you choose. My character is male despite the fact that most personifications of the earth and earth magic (fertility, etc.) are feminine.

Look up the ice/frost giants of norse myth and find out what their "powers" were.

Hans Christian Andersen created a powerful fairy tale character: the snow queen (she's somewhat like that fairy from 4th edition), cold-hearted, merciless, frigid. She likes to kiss, but her kisses are cold. She robs children, she puts a shard of glass into her victims' hearts and eyes so their normal emotions are repressed. She has got a castle and a garden of winter.
She seems to look like Nicole Kidman (pale, thin, tall, sexy, so I fully understand Boxer's Narnia comment).

The plot is the snow queen robs a boy (Kai), and makes him like her by maipulating his emotions with glass shards. A young girl (Gerda) travels to the castle and her hot tears and her hot kisses melt the glass in Kai's heart, and they elope. So basically it is a story on how fecundity beats frigid winter.

I am not obessed with your character having mythic blood at all :laughing:
I am just trying to dilute the Faerie Blood!
I have a Flambeau covenant full of faeries. Hmmm....
Only good faerie is a charcoaled faerie.

JK! :smiley:

Well then we just found the messiah that the Huntress Bjornaer's have long sought! Just send Marko to kill Quendalon, problem solved! :wink: :laughing:

:laughing: I am just quoting from the stereotypical reactions portrayed in the Tweet/Henteges version of the Flambeau (Houses of Hermes, WotC edition).

Posion daggers and battleaxes!

Let's see if this passes the limit

Yimir's Kin (ReIg30)
R: Personal, D: Sun, T: Ind
You are perfectly happy in the middle of a blizzard or wintry phenomena. Its temperature simply does not affect you. The cold there feels (at most) like a welcome chill . This spell provides a +20 soak bonus versus any kind of cold. Cold sources doing +20 damage or less simply do not affect you at all. This renders the maga effectively immune to cold damage unless hit by extremely powerful magic. By using this spell you do not even need to use hot clothes in winter.

Base4. +2 sun, +4 for 20 damage
As per Ward vs heat and flames (base 4), droping the range to Personal and boosting the soak for cold based spells (so no fancy +5 extra soak "just because" as with other fire effects)

The spell does not allow me to walk in the middle of the blizzard (ReCo4), nor to see/hear through it (CrAu15). However, Molten iron does +12 damage according to the RAW, so I might be able to drop the damage magnitude somewhat if you think a secondary effect could be fit in and still make the spell worthwile. I have no idea what kind of effect would be fitting.

Name suggestions appreciated as well.



I like this spell/power! It effectively makes you immune to mundane cold :smiley:

What about turning into a snowman? :wink:
If you use some props the spell would be level 30. ... _hoember_6