Mythic Blood

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I don't see mythic blood to be a particularily powerful virtue for a magus. A single season in the lab will grant nearly any magus a level 20 spell. What makes this virtue comparable to flexible formulaic magic or Magical focus (major)?

Mythic Blood is really composed of 3 virtues:

  • A spell that can be fast cast with no chance of failure and cancelled at will.
  • A minor focus.
  • No fatigue loss on spells failed by less than 10 points.

If you look at HoH:TL, Heroes' Birthright is a Minor Virtue but only gives you 15 levels. It would follow that the 30 levels from Mythic Blood would count as two and explains why you have to take a personality flaw.

The forgiving of fatigue loss can be really useful, as can be the free spell, but that aside, Mythic Blood is mostly a package deal.

I find the "Power" to be very useful, though I expect it will be less so as the Magi in my saga continue to study, especially not needing to cast it, and the speed in which you can do it.

Not losing Fatigue levels has been key for several storys as well, again in my Saga, as many Wizards took spells near the edge of their casting ability. When we began our Saga we didn't really fully understand the ramifications of the changes in Magic Resistance, so I suspect this would be less useful in a different circumstance.

In addition you get an extra Flaw/Virtue, and the Virtue is the greatly useful Magical Focus.

I can only further say that it has gotten its users more than they paid for more often than any other Virtue I currently have running. (In a previous game I had a player with the full Diedne thing going, and that was actually a problem. I've never had someone choose Flexiable Form Magic, but it does look good....just not too good.)

What "power" did the mythic blood character have?

One of my players has Aura of Rightful Authority as his mythic power, with no gestures required. It certainly changes the dynamics of interaction with mundanes.