Mythic Companion Request: Charismus , Freelance Artists Model.

Mythic Companion Request:
Charismus , Freelance Artists Model.

(page 50 , ArM 05) Wanderer , Social Status , Free
(page 40 , ArM 05) Animal Ken (01) / 01
(page 43 , ArM 05) Great (Presence) (01) / 02
(page 43 , ArM 05) Great (Presence) (01) / 03
(page 43 , ArM 05) Improved Characteristics (01) / 04
(page 43 , ArM 05) Improved Characteristics (01) / 05
(page 43 , ArM 05) Improved Characteristics (01) / 06

(page 49 , ArM 05) Strong Faerie Blood (03) / 09 & (page 113 , RoP: Faerie)
(page 107 , RoP: Faerie) , Faerie God Blood (Venus) as the type of strong faerie blood.
(page 50 , ArM 05) Venus' Blessing (01) / 10
(page 112 , RoP: Faerie) Faerie Legacy (01) / 11
(page 113 , RoP: Faerie) Lesser Benediction: Faerie Speech (page 50) (& Insert page 107) (01) / 12
(page 114 , RoP: Faerie) Lesser Benediction: Unusually Fecund (01) / 13

(page 56 , HoH: Societates) Muse (01) / 14
(page 56 , HoH: Societates) Supernatural Beauty (03) / 17
(page 86 , HoH: Mystery Cults) Alluring to Faeries (01) / 18
(page 86 , HoH: Mystery Cults) Alluring to Magical Beings (01) / 19
(page 86 , HoH: Mystery Cults) Alluring to Mundane Animals (01) / 20

(page 54 , ArM 05) Generous Major , Personality (-03) / -03
(page 56 , ArM 05) No Sense of Direction Minor , General (-01) / -04
(page 57 , ArM 05) Optimistic Minor , Personality (-01) / -05
(page 60 , ArM 05) Visions Minor , Supernatural (-01) / -06
(page 52 , RoP: Faerie) Traditional Ward: Monkshood Minor , Supernatural (-01) / -07
(page 56 , HoH: Societates) Envied Beauty Story , Major (-03) / -10

As i don't really expect you to approve this character , i wont do stats , abilities or extensive background write-up.
This is , also , not a character i expect to play.

But as you have a Faerie Court nearby , various magical beings (Ghosts at least) , this guy could be very entertaining.

Rough background is a child the Faerie Venus was trying to create someone in the image of St Francis of Assisi.
Yes , i know he isnt canonised until 1228 , but Faeries "know stuff".

She didnt quite get it right , the first time.
Charismus was raised as an Oblate in a Benedictine Monastery.
When he reached puberty , all his faerie heritage went into overdrive and he became superlatively handsome.
The Envied Beauty Flaw caused serious problems in a Monastery , so he was sent as a ward to an Archbishop.
There he fell in amongst artists of various kinds who found him inspiring for poetry , song , dance , sculpture , etc.
He had as many friends (genuine ones) along with the few vain and envious persons who caused trouble.

Quite probably he got lost and was taken in by some faerie lord as a cupbearer , until he was rescued by a virtuous knight of goodly demeanor.
(yes , he is an equal opportunity companion , not restricted to relations , sexual or otherwise with women)

He is once again lost , will end up at the covenant with its high gender imbalance and await kidnapping by some mystical being or other.

I should add that i expect the character to be Virtuous , in that he will not willingly or knowingly be an Adulterer
and certainly not a thief.
I could change flaws to reflect this.
He is content to be an Amicus with people who find sexual relations disconcerting , due to religion
and has no compulsion to initiate them.


I don't have RoP: Faerie, so I don't know what any of those things are. I can guess most of them, but am particularly curious to see the rules for Lesser Benediction: Faerie Speech.

I like the idea. Back in 3rd Ed, I always used to have one grog with Venus Blessing and Venus Curse. But it feels a bit one-dimensional for a companion. I think one-dimensional character concepts are GREAT for grogs (and more than half of the fun of them) but not for companions.

If he's a companion, then he has to get companion level story time, and with his stats, is likely to usurp any story he joins. That troubles me. On the other hand, you're clearly enjoying the concept as much as I am....

Okay, here's my ruling: you can play him as a grog. Stat him out as a companion if you really want, but he gets grog-level screen time. Or you can make a grog-level version of him. If you want him as a companion, then he has to be more multi-faceted.

Honestly, I'd rather see you direct that (truly heart-warming) creative energy into the Prelude threads, so we can actually start the game.

Oh, dear God, I can't wait for him to meet Celestria. We may never see either one again.

Once she is pregnant , im sure she will reappear.

The idea came to me a few days ago and i just wrote it up for fun.
I'm slowly getting some energy back , the heat really fatigues me and drugging myself to get a few hours sleep is not good.

If i'm holding up play , just tell me what you need and i will get it done.

It's not just you, we all seem to be experiencing some kind of inertia keeping us from starting. Maybe I'm just being overly excited.

Anyway, please RP your arrival in the 2.1 Preludes - Cijara / Phoenix Covenant thread.

Edit: Yeah, it's totally me. I just realized that I announced game start barely 12 hours ago, and not in a clear fashion.

It's okay, I'm apparently channeling Tolstoy for my prelude. I'll get mine up tonight or tomorrow. And please forgive me :smiley:

Given the mood that prompted this particular thread, I'm not surprised :wink: Looking forward to it.

Think i might just post this in the Character Designs thread.
See what reaction i get.

Agreed about the caricature :-/

IMO, he's so one-faceted, it's really easy to do a lower-powered, companion level character, just like I did for the doctor when I downgraded him from comapnion to grog. He doesn't have to be Mythic. Similarly, dowgrading him to grog shouldn't be too difficult, since he's basically all about good looks.

Actually , it's more about showing , that in a strongly religious society , Vice is easy and Adultery is still a sin.