Mythic Companions

This thread is for the posting of completed mythic companion characters- changes to a character should be made by editing, and only the characters should be here, not animal companions, workshops, etc. Mythic Companion will be one post which will be edited as the game progresses, you will have a second thread for development where the history of the character can be discussed.

Mythic Compaion: Aureliano of Mercere
Pater: Elfisio of Mercere (Father and Redcap)

Age: 28
Size: 0
Gender: Male

Characteristics: Int +0, Per + 0, Str +4, Sta +3, Pre +1, Com +0, Dex +3, Qik +2

Virtues: Blood of Heroes*, Well Traveled*
Redcap (Major), Strong Faerie Blood (Major Bloodcap), Gift of Tongues (minor), Great Bearer (minor) Personal Vis Source (Creo, minor), tough (minor), Unaging (minor), Venus' Blessing (minor), Warrior (Minor), Pussiant Great Weapon (minor), Improved Characteristics (x4 minor). Greater Strength (minor), apt student (minor) 20

Flaws: Heroic Personality, Greater Malediction (Sound of Scripture causes teeth and nails to fall out), Plagued by Supernatural Entity (Faerie, winter court), Overconfident (Major)

Personality Traits:
Fearless +2
Roguish +1
Loyal +3


Childhood: Mischevious (Childhood 45, Warrior 50, well traveled 50, two years past childhood 30, apprenticeship 300, six years post apprenticeship 90 = 565 xp)

Living: Italian 5 (Dialects)
Dead: Cl Greek 4 (Hermetic Usage)
Artes Liberales 2 (Arithmetic)
Medicine 2 (Anatomy)
Chiurgy 2 (Cauterizing)

Stealth 2 (Sneak)
Survival 2 (The Aegean)
Awareness 2 (Body guarding)
Legerdemain 1 (Filching)
Swim 1 (Distance)
Athletics 2 (Acrobatic)
Hunt 2 (Tracking)

Greece Lore 2 (Politics)
Levant Lore 2 (Geography)
Code of Hermes 2 (Political Intrigue)
Order Hermes lore 3 (Personalities)
Faerie lore 3 (Winter Faeries)

Guile 3 (Elaborate lies)
Carouse 2 (Stay Sober)
Folk Ken 3 (Magi)
Ettiquette 2 (Faeries)
Charm 4 (Being Witty)
intruige 2 (Plotting)
Leadership 2 (In combat)
Bargain 2 (hard Sell)

Brawl 2 (Daggers)
Bow 2 (Short)
Great weapon 4+2 (2 handed mace)
Thrown 2 (Knives)

Second Sight: 1 (from Fae blood)

Voting Sigil: Red cap dipped in a small pool.

Warping and Twilight Effects
Warping Score:
Twilight Scars:

Magical Items: 62 lvls

Iron Shod Redcap Boots [ ReCo Seven League Stride Lvl 30 +10 R: per, D: mom, T: Ind, +10 Unlimited Use Total 40, Trigger: Click heels together]

Golden Pendant [MuIm Aura of Ennobled Presence lvl 10 +2 R:Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind, +2 Uses per day, Trigger: When Donned]

Camping Gear, Hard Tack, Waterskin


Warhammer/2hand mace (Iron head), Great +0 init, +6 atk, +0 Dfn, +12 dmg, +2 str, Load 3
Dagger x2, Brawl +0 init, +2 atk, +0 Dfn, +3 dmg, -3 str, Load 0

Punch Brawl +0 init, +0 atk, +0 Dfn, +0 dmg, 0 str, Load 0
Kick Brawl -1 init, +0 atk, -1 Dfn, +3 dmg, 0 str, Load 0

Short Bow: -1 init, +3 atk, +0 Dfn, +6 dmg, 15 range, -1 str, Load 2
Knives x5: 0 init, +1 atk, +0 Dfn, +2 dmg, 5 range, -2 str, Load 0

Leather Scale Prot 3 part load 3, Pro 5, full load 5

Punch Brawl +2 init, +3 atk, +2 Dfn, +4 dmg+(advan)Dmg
Kick Brawl +1 init, +3 atk, -1 Dfn, +7 dmg+(advan)Dmg

Warhammer + 2 Init, Attack +13, +9 def, 16+(advan)Dmg
Dagger + 2 Init, Attack +5 , +5 def, 7 +(advan)Dmg

Short Bow + 1 Init, Attack +6 , +2 def, 10 +(advan)Dmg
Knives + 2 Init, Attack +4 , +2 def, 6 +(advan)Dmg

Soak: 6 Unarmored/11 Armored

Appearance: His form is large and broad shouldered the very image of greek muscularture, in past the prime of youth. His smile may be inviting until his long teeth show far longer than they should as
well as his talon like fingernails. He is dressed for travel, both armed well and armed he is rougish both in charm and figure. Settled on his head is a startling bright red cap, set with a hawks feather that hides the hair from his face.

Background: The young boy was the second child of a set of five, born to an Italian family along the peninsula. While the eldest three children were not graced with the gift, Emilio however bore the fruit of concentrated faerie blood more so than any of his siblings. As a child he was a bundle of energy, trouble, and by strength of arms, a scrappy bully who lorded over other children.
From his youngest age his friends have been other fae who saught nothing more than to bring him amusement and to enjoy the force of the stories that followed along behind him.
After growing up to a young man his apprenticeship started under his Father who was a redcap while his mother attended to the other children as well as Milvi Antiquiti. His apprenticeship took him all over the order, allowing him to learn the ins and outs of the order the blessings of his blood made him strong. He learned a broad array of people skills, working with magi, merchants, and peasantry. As he grew older trouble seemed to follow him wherever he went as his father lead him into the Levant as the Order of Suleiman had pressed to more active aggression with the order and another press of the crusades, left him for no lack with the need to defend himself. Always looking older than his age the pair shot across the landscape of the order, at times saving both members of the order from rival forces, which was considered a blessing until a crusader blessed him for his generosity, he screamed with pain as his blood rebelled and his teeth fell from his mouth ensuring a quick retreat from the men he had just saved.
After his time within the Levant he returned home where the young man did his best to follow his mothers desire to expand the family, though perhaps not in the way she desired as carousing, partying and one night dalliances lead to him slowly changing the genetic composition of the theban tribunal one stop at a time. In this time he had more of a chance to bond with his family between seasons of learning. Especially taking a shine to the eldest magi sibling still in apprenticeship, where Emilio was outspoken and able to drawn in women with ease Agapitus was hoping for the perfect romance in stories. A true friendship and desire to watch out for his slightly akward brother, however buisness would continually have him pulled across the order.
After his apprenticeship, he picked up languages easily while he traveled making him an instant success as he could be sent nearly anywhere within the order, the combative ability to take care of himself as any challenge was one he whole heartly put himself against, even if the fae often orchestrated instances in which he could play the hero to their narratives. As time drew on they changed the routes and with the opening of a new covenant in Patras that included his younger sibling he volunteered to be the redcap that called it his home covenant...both to enjoy the closeness of family, but to enjoy the drama of the patrons and fae that called thebes home.

Alexander the woodcrafter

Age 46
Int 0 Per 1
Pre 2 Com 2
Str 0 Sta 0
Dex 5 Qui 0

faerie upbringing(minor -1)
faerie friend(minor -1)
lecherous(major -3)
pagan(major -3)
Hallucinations(minor -1)
fish out of water: woodlands(minor -1)

free expression(minor +1)
great dex(minor +1)
great dex(minor +1)
strong faerie blood(major +3)
affinity with craft(minor +1)
improved characteristics(minor +1)
craft guild training(minor +1)
affinity for leadership(minor +1)
wealthy(major +3)
touched by magic(major +3) He, Ig
improved characteristics(minor +1)
faerie sympathy(major +3)
Maestro(free +0)
puissant craft(free +0)


Romaic Greek 5
area lore -Patra 5
survival 3
guile 4
leadership 11
craft -woodworking 11+1+2
Faerie Sympathy -wood 7 (3 from virtue, exp. spent to 7 max level (3 from strong faerie blood, 1 from faerie raised)
area Lore - Acrocorinth 5
craft -cooking 7+1
folk ken 1
Artes Liberales 3

Alexander was the son of a dwarf and a nun- his mother having been a Greek noblewoman forced into monastic life by her husband, who found another woman he wished to marry. She fled the covenant and gave birth in a faerie woods within a statuary, and named her son Alexander after the ancient conquerer. Alexander spent his formative years in the faerie woods, where he discovered a strong talent for working with the material. When he was 6 his mother began taking him out of the faerie woods on trips for human food, and he was soon apprenticed to a woodcrafter in Petra, where he excelled until the world fell apart and the crusaders came through in force. Angry Alexander joined the resistance at Acrocorinth, building defenses and strong shields, where he also had a short encounter with a titan which forever added an element of magic to his otherwise faerie gifts. In the end it all came crashing down as the Latin invaders stormed the castle. Alexander wished to avoid city life and return to Petras, and came across magi considering a covenant site there. Together they began to build the covenant, where Alexander now plans to establish his workshop on a more enduring basis.