Mythic Cthulu: Part II - Deep Ones

What Realm Alignment would Deep Ones (and their progeny) belong to in Mythic Europe?

  • Faerie (Dark)
  • Magic
  • Other (please specify)
  • Huh?
  • What is it with this Jarkman guy?

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Following on from my earlier thread:

If the overall Lovecraftian Mythos would most likely be Magic (uncaring, aloof, alien, weird), would a Mythic Europe version of the Deep Ones (let's use the Arabic word 'Amiq say, because it sounds... well it just sounds cool) also be Magic aligned or could a Faerie element (bargains, exotic blood traits, partly human appearance) be combined into the mix? Or something different entirely?

Since it's you, let's call them Dark Fae Jinn :wink:

Seriously, I could see them as belonging to several of the Realms, and even diferent groups (colonies) of them belonging to different Realms.

Now get back to your desk and write up some more Jinn please, my Sahir needs more 'friends'!

Partially human appearance does not mean Faerie. Deep ones are interested in being left alone AFAIK. They can interbreed with humans, though. I would still put them as magic. Using the atlantean profile for starters could work. Magical humans and all that. Dagon is adored, but nowhere does it say that he cares the least about such adoration in the surface. For the Deep ones underwater he is simply Da Boss, so they show him respect.

As revealed in RoP:F, Deep Ones are arguably Faeries copying an ancient magical tribe called the Apkallu or Abgal.

If you saw my recent post about Transforming Mythic Europe, there are photos of the later, bird headed guardian form of an Apkallu in it.

Just because I'm lazy: page please?

Um...yeah. Probably in the merman section?

Ah, Abgal, p. 91, continued from Tritons, p. 90.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think they could be done as a Magical Kin, too, though.


I think that's where I got the initial idea from, way back when I first thought about this.

I was reading a lot of Mythos related material at the time... I even thought of as representing a shoggoth as a "Flesh Elemental" using Elementalist magic.

Clearly a dark and warped time in my life... :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the comments - I think Faerie works best (although magic Kin could work) but the original Abgal would be interesting in themselves.



That's a furiously awesome idea!

And thanks for the links, it enlightened me, as I think this is were Absu's name (a Death Metal band) comes from :smiley:

Thanks. It's easier than it sounds, if a bit "ick".

I hope to write it up some time for SubRosa or my blog (it's too far out to ever make an official supplement).

There's some good ideas in this: ... _Innsmouth