Mythic Earth

Ars Magica 5th edition: Mythic Earth and Greater Concerns [1-2 Players Needed]

This is meant to be played on roll20. I own Fantasy Grounds ultimate and that may be used in the future.

Starting Level: A starting magus (or other tradition) ignoring standard methods of character creation with 500 starting experience (distributed in any logical manner) and 60 levels of spells. You may also be a spring magic creature using the normal rules. For anything

Advancement Rules: Advancement with be though normal methods, though adventure experience no longer requires time in addition to the adventure itself.

Combat Rules: Combat will be as normal though groups of fighters will gain bonus statistics as an art instead of simply +3 for every fighter.

Special Rules: Any other special rules you'll be using, or house rules, or supplements you'll be drawing material from. For the rest, see below.

Rolling Rules: Rolling is often waved if below a certain threshold of ease. Rolls are otherwise made in the open.

Absences: You are expected to show up, or give reasonable warning.

Plot- or Character-Driven: This is a highly character driven story.

Focus: The campaign's focus will be primarily exploration and combat, but departures are welcome.

Character Types: Magi and Magic creature characters are the primary focus and characters of the divine are acceptable as well. Infernal characters are right out, but lightly tapping the infernal is acceptable if treated seriously.

Campaign Description:

Mythic Earth is much like Mythic Europe, in that the four metaphysical realms dictate physical reality and hermetic mages rain supreme over all magic and fae traditions.

Unlike Mythic Europe deceases are caused by bacteria, aging, and demons. The body is made of cells not humors and the modern paradigm of scientific reality is mostly correct.

Also in the 15th century large portions of House Merinita and House Bonisagus along with desperate groups of mages from the rest of the order began and completed a plan to forcibly (re)unite the magic and fae realms by using newly created methods of opening paths to the fae realm and the magic realm to mass open these paths inside fae realm and the magic realm to each other. This backfired beyond all expectations.

This reaction caused a plague among all humans without an alignment to any realm, causing them to be unable to perceive all metaphysical effects and for them to weaken and even destroy both magic and fae effects, items, and creatures. This also created lesser magic and fae creatures, full members of neither realm. The order went further from the public eye and become even more disjointed among themselves.

This event also created massive and bizzare regios that increase in size and power as the combined magic and fae realms are approached. These often continent sized regios conform to stories and the culture of Earth, this conformity also works both ways.

Also certain forms have gained more scope, such as ignam gaining power over radiation and herbam gaining power over bacteria.

So what's the location you have in mind?