Mythic Europe / Covenants Map

I have created some magic maps, though the wonders of Google, and shared two of them to my public Ars Magica material folder.

One version is a single layer map of covenants, the other is multilayered. You can add eight layers, I believe. ... khaeDNTX0U

Anyone with the link should be able to get access.

To have your own editable magic map click the top slider, export to KMZ to your local drive, create a new map, and import the KMZ file.

The custom map feature is a bit clunky in some ways, but generally pretty useful.

If desired, I can upload individual Tribunal maps, for more focused cartography.


These links may work if you are getting a 404 error page.

Layered: ... 1Upl06QRks

Unlayered: ... rX5-WcCZIM

Brilliant! That's something I am longing for quite some time time now. Thank you so much for your work and making it public. So far I am getting a 404 error when I click one of the maps it but I am sure it will work out soon. (Access to spreadsheets and texts works fine.)

Additional layers could be used for historical cities, political borders, mythic places and tribunal borders.

Unfortunately the maps give me a 404 error.

Perhaps it needs to be shared within Google Maps, as I did for the map I used in Bibracte. ... =UTF&msa=0

404 errors - what browser? I am using Chrome, and it being Google's handcrafted browser it works decently well for me, but then again, I collected it.

Is anyone actually able to use the maps using that link?

Jonathan, your map works for me.

Try this, for the Unlayered Map? ... rX5-WcCZIM

and this for the layered map? ... 1Upl06QRks

Those two links work.

I tried the links from your public Google Drive in Chrome and IE, both.

Johnathan - Well foo. I will have to make sure the direct links are included in the future.

I am, by the way, sure that at least some of the locations are off and there are covenants missing. Sources are: Tribunal books, Through the Aegis, and the HoH sourcebooks.

In retrospect, I should have included page numbers.