Mythic herbalism and animals?

Hello everyone,

Does the potions of a mysthic herbalist affect the animals?

MO is that there is nothing forbiding it, but I'm unsure.

Thanks for help.


Y think that Healing have a different and minor version to animals, then i can suppose that Mythic Herbalism really is a CrCo and PeCo base guideline, i said that no.

I, on the other hand, have rules that "yes" IMS. It is about venoms and stuff, and granting some kind of hype. Animals and humans are not that different here. Besides, soaking your arrows in a mortal concotion will bring a dog down as well as a human. Or a griffin (with size modificers).


I would allow them to work on both. I would say that the amount of potion needed to assist a human might not assist a much larger animal, but other than that it would work. The Mythic Herbalism is based on folk healing practices in the middle ages, it's not based on Hermetic Magic, so it shouldn't be limited to Corpus effects.

Then i smell an exciting Breacktrough and Integration Project that solves that part of the rules about the peasants and grogs witowt could use over them Animal spells. Any case really it's tru taht the spells are relatives to "Purifying Herbal and theirs effects to enhance or bitter the body" then...
Any case i would quest troupe or storyteller, the size is a subject, but nor part tell about "Giant Blood" patients (Some Hedge Wizards have both).