Mythic Locations

I'm pleased to announce the next Ars Magica supplement due for release in September this year: Mythic Locations! You can get all of the juicy details by clicking on that link. I'm sure you can probably guess what this sourcebook for Fifth Edition is all about, but keep your eyes peeled sometime in August for more previews.

yay! looks cool....


Cool, but... why not Mythic Places? Is this a copyright thing? Or did you just want to distance this product from the similar ones in prior editions?

Not using the same name does keep things clear and distinct.

Oooh that's a good one! :smiley:

Looks awfully familiar... :laughing:

:blush: Fixed now...

I didn't pick the name, but I'd also say they are very different, IMO. Mythic Places was written in a far simpler way. Basically it was one story hook set to a location, whereas this is written way better, in a far more layered and reusable way. It's really fundamentally belter than MP/MMP, so I'm glad we didn't call it "MP 5th edition."

Very cool! I'm looking forward to this!

Sounds very interesting :slight_smile:

And a beautiful cover picture

I vaguely remember suggesting in the playtesting that it not be called Mythic Places, to reduce confusion.
This might be a false memory though.

Glad to read that, and very excited about this book. Mythic Places and More Mythic Places were some of my favourite books back then, and if this new one is even better, I know I'll be in for a thrill ride with this book!


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I haven't even seen the table of contents, and I'm already wanting more.

I propose this be called "Mythic Locations, vol. 1"...

One may only hope

Meh, looks like another generic pre-fab compilation - I'll skip. :confused: Hopefully Egypt is next. :smiley:

Could Cam or anybody from Atlas update us on this since it is getting close to the nominal release date?

As far as I know it's still at the printers. I'm preparing a slew of social media posts and other information to be timed when it hits our warehouse.

It is absolutely not a "generic pre-fab" sourcebook. Each of these locations is rich in specific, detailed setting information and packed with story hooks. I was really impressed with the writing team on this one, and got some great art together for them, too.

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Cool Cam, I'm really looking forward to this release. I'm itching to pre-order. I think a Storyguide would have to have rocks in their head to knock back scenario material. Beats the hell out of writing it yourself when you have a zillion other things to do. I am not really sure what a "generic pre-fab compilation" is or even if there has been one put out by Atlas before. I have no complaint about any of the released material.

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Well, most "Mythic Places" of Ars Magica 2 were quite generic: "This regio centers on a worn and well-weathered monolith such as those common to many parts of Mythic Europe" ("Mythic Places, The Monolith"). The places had some funny ideas (we had a very funny evening with the brook-troll Grenki from "More Mythic Places"), but I appreciate it, that Ars Magica tries to pursue another approach, now. I´m curious about it.


Thanks for clarifying that. Cam is there any idea yet when we will see the table of contents?