Mythic Locations

Would that be one such character who is not currently in active play in any ongoing saga? But one who was nowhere close to be done with what he was doing?

You must've read my mind

Is this out yet? I'm confused...

Yes - confirmed retail sale earlier in the thread.

Just got my copy yesterday. What a great bit of work guys, well done. There is so much material in this book it is much much deeper than the original Mythic Places. I looked at the chapter on the Cursewood in detail. There is a whole saga in that chapter alone and stacks of little sideshows here and there. This book has massive repeat usability. Its so good, I was surprised. Its a very strong addition to a story guides library and I think Atlas is going in the right direction if it released future editions of this type of book. This type of book deepens the story focused resources that Atlas has released for the line along with the other like Tales ME/PO, Antagonists and Legends.

This is VERY good.

I'm little bid embarrassed to write this kind of message but... :blush:
Where (or how) did you order it all?
I'd order it in a well known games seller site the 11th october and it's always pending. :unamused:

I ordered mine from amazon US not amazon UK, and it's currently wending it's way to me...


I went with paizo this time. They still say it has yet to be released. So you are not the only one.

I pre-ordered through Amazon it arrived in Oz on 22nd October. Pre-ordering is probably good support for Atlas if you can afford it of course. I dunno. Maybe Cam might have a view on that whether it is good or just neutral. Mythic Locations is a really impressive piece. I read the Bath entry and the Wolf Court last night. Total quality.

I always try not to order it online, but rather ask my local gaming store to order one for me, because I've always thought it helps give the product visibility in the stores, and motivates them to maybe order a couple more issues. But now that you mention pre-order is good support, I'm not so sure I'm boing what's best for Atlas. What do you think is best support for Atlas, pre-ordering or ordering through the local physical gaming store?

I seriously doubt that preorders are a business reason for Atlas. The business case for a book is determined well before Amazon knows about the book and makes it available for preorder.

Yirkash, I think going with you local game store is great too it does make the game more visible and gives your local shop shop revenue which in the end is good for the hobby. Unfortunately we don't have one where we are so online it is. Sometimes local shops don't deserve your business either. Generally for business, pre-orders are always good. Lot of it will depend upon how Atlas deals with its wholesalers, retailers etc. Strong pre-order activity can convince wholesalers and retailers to take on more inventory which could be better for Atlas because it does not make any money until they buy. It ultimately depends though on how Atlas structures its counter-party trading, so pre-order could be better.

As always, now that this is out, I'm really curious to see what the book after Between Sand & Sea will be. :wink:

David answered that over in this thread:

OK! This is the store I was talking about... :unamused:
I wil try to cancel and go to Amazon. :mrgreen:
Thank you for your answers.

I'm looking forward to read this book. :wink:

Right, forgot about that - probably was still hoping for something more interesting. :frowning: Well, it seems to be the way that every other book seems to be a collection of random stuff that's of no use to me personally - I guess I can live with that schedule. :wink: (I guess in this case it depends on the specific covenants to be detailed - if they are iconic pillars of the setting, I might be more inclined to get the book.)

If you figure it out give me a heads up OK? It was my first time ordering stuff from them so I am a little shaky with their set up.

I received my copy of "Mythic Locations" yesterday with great surprise (Amazon said "estimated delivery date: 12th Nov").
Today I've read the "The Wolf’s Court" (we have one [spoiler]werewolf[/spoiler] in our troupe) and if others locations are in the same patern I thing it could be a great book.
A lot of accurate mythical references. It looks like the 4th "Living Lore" that I love too. :wink:

Congratulations. :smiley:

Yeah the Wolf's Court is a great piece. I have to say though that each of the pieces are so well written that putting out a ranking list is an insult to the writers. Such is the high standard of the writing that there is no discernible difference between any of the pieces that one could develop some criteria to even make such an assessment. I really think this is the best book of 2014 so far and I liked the preceding releases quite a lot as well. Its clearly the counterpart of Legends of Hermes and this type of sandbox approach fills the gap between the traditional set piece scenarios and the broader Tribunal guides. Hopefully we will see more this type in the future. If anyone who is reading this has not bought it yet do it today as your troupe will love you for it!