Mythic mimicry


a) About mythic mimicry (HOH TL p107) vs casting charms from text from the learned Magicians traditions (HM p 85).

Casting a charm from text is basically (HM, p85)

  • finding the good formula of the charm to cast in a repertory of a lot of texts
  • casting it

Mythic mimicry (heroic major virtue) means the character has a perfect memory ; he can remembers everything he reads and even rewrite it if he understood it (needs 4 in language to understand).

So, how does the combination sound?

if a mythic mimicry character reads a formulary, can he cast the texts without having the need of having the actual physical text, only by memory?

  1. a) side question: do you think that mythic mimicry could allow a character to read a summa in a season, then retranscript it later? Or do you think that summae are books which you only read part by part? But if you think so, what about a character which is only reading it to memorize it and not learning, wanting to learn it after?

b) And now tricky side question: since mythic mimicry allows a perfect memory : would you allow the character to read a summa, memorize it, then study from his own memory of the summa, without needing the actual physical book?

c) Another tricky: mythic mimicry : you can remember everything which is said to you. Can you have a teaching season, then "remember" it in your mind, for another teaching seasons, without an actual teacher?

Thanks for your answer.

Its the same lesson so it only works once anyway.


This one i think is THE tricky one, and i dont have a good answer. Transcribing it from memory should at least be possible.

Sounds ok.

Mimicry specifically states that you can spend a season to memorize a book. Messenger states that you need to concentrate when you first read/hear the message.

For a book, I would say you only get exposure for the memorizing season as the effort precludes any learning. You could then from memory study it as much as you want. Even if you decide that studying requires wax tablets to take notes, well you have a perfect memory.

I would consider teaching memorizing a tractatus: you cannot learn twice from the same lecture. I feel you will not be able to ask smart questions as you are not learning on the season of Teaching. Maybe each lecture is given twice, once for memory once for understanding, this way you could ask smart questions and get the full Quality of the Teaching. That would make it useless, as you've gained all you can and your parroting of the same lectures would not be tailored to your public, nor could you answer their questions.

Thanks you two.

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