Mythic Potterverse

I've decided to start a saga over on RPOL, but given my laziness, I've thought up a "clever" method of troupe-style play:
Two covenants opposed to each other. Two sets of magi. Each set of characters will be the others' antagonists.

"Griffin's Roost" will be home to a bunch of Chaotic [strike]stupid[/strike]Good types, while "Serpent's Eye" will be home to the shrewd clever types. They will be set up for comparable power levels overall: Each covenant has a magus 25, 20, 15, 10, and 5 years post-Provocatio, and one freshly-gauntleted wizard OR apprentice. (The player with the oldest magus in one covenant will have the youngest magus in the opposite covenant, more or less, and I'll try to set these up based on player personal preference for Gryffindoor or Slytherin).

I'll have a magus, Severus scholae Bonisagi, an alchemist who is 25 years pP and leads Serpent's Eye, and I'll have an apprentice at Griffin's Roost. Preference for the Griffin's Roost princeps would be given to anyone who wants to play Minerva scholae Bjornaeris (Muto specialist with a cat heartbeast!) or Albus Criamon (pyromaniac with really high warping).

I have room for three players. Post here if you're interested; I'll check back in a few days to see if any fish have bitten.

I have not time for another game. That sounds very interesting and fun though. Is it actually going to be set in the Potterverse or is it taking tons of inspiration from the Potterverse?

Why not go whole hog(warts) and have four covenants? (Each with its own Aura, hmmm....)

It's set in Mythic Europe, it's just heavily themed towards Potterisms. Despite being Potterish, it will be fairly low magic, but puns will abound.

Only two covenants because Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff only exist to be pawns of Slytherin in our ultimate quest for dominance over the world. They don't deserve their own covenant!

Out of curiosity, how does the Potterverse affect the Houses? Or would they be less important verses the two described covenants?

Not to presume too much, but maybe the Houses could be fraternities typically associated with each of the two covenants? What time period would this conform too (roughly)?

I haven't read the Potter books but have seen the movies, I'd be interested in taking a younger magus if you'd have me.

Do you mean the Hermetic Houses? It doesn't at all. Characters are encouraged to be Potter themed, but that's all.

And in the end, the troupe has mostly voted to go with one covenant, so the two covenant set-up isn't happening. (Everyone had Griffindor character proposals, and only one person had a Slytherin...)

Oh, the Houses of Hogwarts? Those pretty much don't exist.

Of course. Adding you officially puts us at "full."

The saga is called "The Griffin and the Serpent" on RPOL, although obviously that name is less fitting at this point =>.<=

RPOL, OK, have an account there I'll look it up this evening, I can't access it at the office and we'll see what's going on.

Thanks for the invite.