Mythic Pound wort in Groschen/Schilling?

Because I have some history books from the area I want to be do some storys as side GM I wonder how much the german Groschen/Schilling would be wort compared to the Mythic Pound so I could use the extra infos I have aviable.
Groschen and Schilling are different name for the same coin wort 12 Pfennig or 3 Kreuzer.

Groschen appear after the period, and their values differ in various places at various times. The name just means "thick", referring to the coin in comparison to other coins.

Basically, though, a Mythic Pound is a pound of silver, divided into 240 Mythic Pennies.

So, depending on where you are, a Groschen could be any number of pennies. Some were as little as 10% of a shilling (two mythic pennies). Some were as much as 12 pence (12 mythic pennies).

The Mythic Pounds are there to stop you needing to worry about this sort of stuff, though.

ArM5 uses for its Mythic Pound the carolingian currency system. You find it roughly outlined here: encyclopedia-of-money.blogspot.d ... eform.html and in many other places, but also in LoM p. 70 or Covenants.

So 20 Shilling/Groschen were a pound - as long as Shilling and Groschen did not exist as coins. When the Serenissima started to mint the Grosso a few years before 1200, they did so to have a silver coin of stable value (because the penny had gotten debased already) - but when others caught up on the idea, their Shilling / Groschen varied in silver value, too, just like their pennies. The large scale manipulations of Friedrich II finally meant the end of the carolingian standard currency system.


Thanks for the infos so for easy use I asume the 240 pfennig = 20 Schilling = 1 Mystic Pound is also true for this books if I use some of the prices there unless I find the prices for this things in C&G or Covenants.