NaGaDeMon Projects now collated

A commenter on my blog asked me to put the posts for Thirty Objects of Desire and the Stories of Marco the Liar into single pages, to make them easier ot read for people who did not follow them at the time. I've finished collating them, and they are now linked through this post: ... -projects/

Each is part of a daily writing challenge, and each is about 12 500 words long. They have devolved from game supplement to fiction a bit, so if you'd like some Ars fiction, perhaps with a bit of a puzzle and a twist, please come check them out.

Wow. Just... wow.

Thanks for the cleanup. Marco the Liar was a great choice, I enjoyed it tremendously!




I'm aghast with the story(ies) of Marco the Liar. Awesome storytelling going on there!

They're great stories. Hopefully at some stage Timothy will "annotate" them with the some of the mechanics ideas behind the tales. Without spoiling things, it's all about the nature of Faerie and the possibility of change using storytelling and Free Expression (see RoP:F, Chapter 2 in particular).


TBH I think it's best to leave them unannotated, and let each reader draw their own conclussions and/or deduce the mechanics behind the narrative. To not spoil the magic, if you know what I mean.

That said, I'd love those annotations, and to heck with the magic. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: