NaGaDeMon Question

OK, so my research for Naples has fallen through. Ths leaves me with two fallback plans. Which would you like more?

Tales of Marco the Liar: It's the unreliable narrator from Covenants, back with more not-entirely-true tales of things he's seen on his travels. Set in 1220, and useful with the standard setting, this is basically Invisible Cities by Calvino, but with vis and dragons and a redcap slightly too drunk to recall it all correctly.


Gentlemen and Scholars: In this world, the Theory of Magic wasn't written up by Bonisagus: it was first described by Sir Issac Newton. In the century since, the Empire has flourished and the secrets of Natural Philosophy have been shared with just enough people that they can still all fit in the crowded annual photograph of the members of the Royal Society. Ars Magica meets Victorian England, in a young, small Order where the sciences are the Arts.

It won;t be an article a day this year: the deadline for a bit of paid writing work is going to knock it about.

Gentlemen and Scholars sounds just the ticket to me.

I think Marco the Liar sounds great.

With all the steam punk around at the moment I think I am getting tired of Victirian England.

I ave been saying for a while that we need more Ars Magica fiction

While I doubt I will ever get tired of (good) steampunk, I would have to agree that more period Ars Magica fiction would be nice.

I'd go with the former - but would love to see the latter.

:slight_smile:, V

G&S ftw

I actually prefer Marco the Liar - he's been fun so far :slight_smile:



And I like Marco the Liar.


I think both ideas sound entertaining... :frowning:

I like both, but G & S appeals most right now. However the other option is equally excellent and has more general utility for most Ars players. So either. :slight_smile:

cj x

Oh, it's an even spilt so far as I can see, so it's Marco the Liar, because he's harder to do in one way, but needs less research in another. I've had four days off sick this week, and I'm trying to finish some paid writing, so my plan is to do 30 stories, but not necessarily one per day, like last year. The first one is about how Marco destroyed the fleet of the Fourth Crusade, and the second is about how he flunked out as an apprentice by posioning his master. They'll go up when I have the energy to type them. 8)