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Which name do you prefer for the covenant?

  • Arethusa: The name of a nereid of a spring
  • •Hippocrene: The name of a magic spring)
  • •Patras: The name of the city
  • •Pelion: The home of the great centaur educator Chiron (although this is an actual place located elsewhere)
  • •Panachaiko: The modern name of our mountain (Greek: Παναχαϊκό, from παν-, "all" and αχαϊκόν, "Achaean")
  • •Vodias: The period name of the mountain, it is also the modern name of the highest peak
  • •Palavo Pyrgos: The name of one of the peaks of the mountain (roughly means "madman's tower")
  • •Pyrgos: Which simply means "tower"

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Let's get this settled, pick your top 3 choices, we'll see what comes out on top.