Named sources of Magical Blood?

Magical Blood can come from a generic source, like giants or dragons.

But if I wanted to give more flavour what named sources of Magical Blood could there be?
So far all I can think of is
a) Merovingan descendents could claim the Quinotaur as the source of Magic Blood
b) According to one write up, Damhain-Allaidh was a reincarnated spirit possessing bodies. If he was not celibate, he should have left a Magic Blood-line or two in the Scotland area.

Any other suggestions ?

Damhain-Allaidh seems more like a Mythic Blood progenitor to me but regarding the others:

  • Every type of magical human can be built either as a being with might or as a human with magical blood and there are a whole bunch of those. I guess these have generic names but they are named.
  • In one game I built a magic human blooded template based on the crab handed people of Ingasia, the Karkinoi (see Covenfolk section on p87 of The Sundered Eagle)
  • Nemedian and Fomori descendants could be magic blooded
  • a famous sword might have instilled power in a human in the form of Magic Thing Blood to create some sort of “Excaliburians” or whatever other magic device you want to use

Dunno. Maybe none of these are quite the sort of thing you’re looking for.


He could go either way. Or both?
It is always a little difficult to work out the special power and mMF of someone so definitely non-Hermetic.

Karkinoi sounds interesting, but in the end just a smaller subset of generic un-named source.
I will have to check the Irish book. IIRC there are a lot of named Nemeds and Fomorians. Blood of Balor perhaps?

Magical Blood is very similar to Faerie Blood, just different realm.

You are descended (more or less - it can get complicated) from some supernatural being belonging to that realm, and therefore have some unusual power and/or appearance.

In both cases you can be as specific, or non-specific, as you wish about the ancestor.
You can decide on a specific individual you are descended from, or just note that somewhere in your ancestry there was some kind of supernatural being.

Why is a named progenitor so important? That's not really how I read Magic Blood at all though I don't see it as conflicting with the general idea of magic blood.

Also, Nemed is the progenitor of the nemedians.

Re: Mythic Blood for The Spider - why is it any harder than creating a creature power or one of the virtues that would grant a magic power of some sort? Wouldn't you build a creature power with most of the same rules as you would a hermetic effect? I guess with those others you aren't constrained but 90% of the powers I see on creatures can be duplicated with Hermetic Magic.

The Provençal tribunal book details the mythic blood of Balthazar, one of the three Wise Men/magi.

Consulting my old “Magi of Hermes” list of all magi with complete stat blocks in ArM5, I also recalled the character in Guardians of the Forest with Mythic Blood: Apromor, and I’m embarrassed I didn’t think of that, because Mythic Blood of one of the Founders, or another important person in Ars Magica canon (like Guorna the Fetid or Pendule) are obvious go-tos.

The question was about Magical Blood though, not about Mythical Blood.
Granted, in some cases the same ancestor could be used for either.

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My bad! Apologies.

For magical blood any of the Titans or their descendants who became part of the various pantheons as those supporting, non Fae, gods could work.

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