Naming your magic items

I am looking at naming my character's new Talisman. But I want a name that stands out as unique and potent.

Most magic items are named for their functionality, but do you have any clever, poetic or unique names that you've used that I could get inspiration from?

This could be inspirational. Even if you don't have a sword, you can see the other sorts of names used for swords:

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Are you talking about names like names like for a person? Or names for utility?

I like it when devices like spells have more exciting names. Just like how it's not "fireball" but "Ball of Abysmal Flame",

Of course, I like the name of a device toat least hint what it is and what it does.
Some of the devices in out current saga are:

A Knife To Cut Both Wood And Stone
A Ring To Grant The Safety Of Wind
A Tool to Soften Metals
Charcoal Burner's Ring
Doorway To Beyond The Forest
Gotschalg's Wolf Skin
Ring For Visiting Durenmar
Ring Of The Tiny Catapult
Ring of Weightless Mail
Staff Of The Mature Growth
Tablets Of Warning
Talisman Of The Miner's Sight
Wand Of The Tiny Cow


Great examples thanks.

I like to have names that hint about their purpose but also obscure it for example:
"[Magi's name]'s Invitation to dance" - For leap of homecoming with touch range (keyed to their spouse to prevent warping), as they use it to take their spouse to distant parties.

The talisman I am currently designing is a walnut staff with numerous brass fittings around it designed to hold small fragments of stone securely.

When they visit a place they take a tiny chip from a local landmark and use that as a teleport destination and add it to the staff's fittings.

This is because they got fed up of carrying around arcane connections in a bag, so they made the Talisman able to hold them securely where they can be accessed with just a touch.

The talisman is resistant to harm, can also be animated to fly around at command and shift forms (into a concave shape) and significantly grow or shrink. Allowing it to have a lot of utility to its form depending on size and shape (The combination of size and shape changes giving it essentially 6 shapes: A small handheld wand, a staff, a massive tree-trunk like pole, a broach-sized concave shape, a concave shape the size of a shield or a concave shape the size of a boat.) Yes this takes up a lot of its capacity.

The names I am currently toying with are either: "Faithful Atlas" or "Fluid Navigator"

My current magus has a staff talisman. It is mounted with a piece of clear glass inside a ring of silver, with a sliver of basalt above the ring, so he named it the Staff of the Eye.



I'm interested in names that are evocative rather than descriptive like:
Virtuous Treaty
Archimedes' Lever
All is ash!

and so on.

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Virtuous Rage of the Fallen
Fate's Puppet
The One who knocks (I know, not very original) maybe call it Cranston
Fever Dream
The Saturnalia (More evocative than the party starter)
Gravitas Incarnate


The ones NPCs made in my game include The Lyre of Mystery and Chorus, Mask of the Ebon Eyes, and Blade of a Hundred Slashes.