Nature/Forest Lore analysis

I decided to dissect what Nature/Forest Lore can do and represent it in terms of Hermetic Arts. Constructive criticism would be most welcome.

I have left some comments but they are mostly regarding formalities.

Your endeavor is by nature futile in the sense that Nature/Forest lore (hencefort "nature lore") cannot be modelled in entirely hermetic terms, that is why it exists as a separate ability. That is not to say that its not worth it to try. I think your exercise demonstrates many useful bits of knowledge. That nature lore covers a wide range of hermetic forms and even extends beyond them, that it has a more narrow range of applicability but within its range it can exceed hermetic magic even going to far as to break at least one of the limits of magic!

I would also note that in some places you conclude that nature lore can only be replaced by another supernatural or mystery virtue. What is the point in trying to represent one mystery ability/virtue (i.e. nature lore) in (purely) hermetic terms by replacing it with another set of (mystery) virtues? I understand that what nature lore can do is not possible to fit entirely within hermetic terms and that is to be expected since nature lore is a mystery virtue/ability. In my opinion it would be better to just put a blank space where standard hermetic magic fails to copy the effects.

The hermetic theorist/academic in me want to point out that from the viewpoint of hermetic theory by far the most spectacular thing that nature lore manages to accomplish is that it breaks the limit of arcane connections. With nature lore you are able to use effects that mirror intellego spells at what is effectively arcane connection range but without needing the actual arcane connection.
From a purely utilitarian viewpoint the ability to use a vast repertoire of intellego form spells and even rego form spells is perhaps the more useful result of learning nature lore. Which is also neatly highlighted by your analysis.


The breaking of the limit of arcane connections is something that I didn't actually think about before you mentioned it. That has given me a lot of ideas.

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