Nature Lore Virtue Question


Most of the Nature Lore choices--Forest, Mountain, Water, etc--can be construed as kinds of places, and everything is straightforward. Have an Area Lore for the place, mundane and supernatural denizens of the place are helpful, and so on. No problem.

But what about "Animal?" How does this work?

grin This is in support of Buttercup, for the upcoming Andorra PBeM.



Once again Im astounded at how what I thought to be a quite clever and unique character concept ends up being shared by another players. lol. Must be Roleplayers sympathetic connection or something lol.

My guy for the Andorra game is built around a variant of the nature lore with a an aspect in shapeshifting (when necessary). We might have to have our own sub-fraternity (sorority?) next to the Knights. hmm if Buttercup is a female, could this possibly lead to a wildist love affair between magi? :wink:

Animal would work with animals, simple as. Its not geographic specific but species specific since Animals are a part of nature.

It doesn't seem that simple to me:

"0 An elementary understanding of the area.....

"1 A basic understanding of the place.....

"2 An awareness of the supernatural elements of the area...

"3 The maga can locate vis in the area....

"4 An understanding with the area's supernatural residents....

"5 The maga can communicate fluently with nature in the area....

"6 ....

And so on. Everything refers to an area.

So it's not so simple to me; I would like to know how this works.

I also suspect that our characters will integrate Nature Lore into their lives quite differently. I'm looking to create either a Disney princess (you know, she flings open the window and all the animals come and help her; I'm thinking about giving her some singing too....) or an Invincible Sword Princess (Timothy's Criamon stuff almost does exactly what I want it to) or maybe a combination of the two. Or something.

As for having an affair, I'm confident that Buttercup will settle for nothing less than True Love's Kiss. :>

But we'll see.



So you just substitute "animal(s) i.e. of the area" for "area". not that hard to understand really :wink:

Yes perhaps. My guy is more of a john the baptist wilderness guy who might appear somewhat savage (in appearance anyways) until she gets to know him.

He's got that manly man thing going on, though not the dashing Flambeau frat boy look, I admit. LOL :wink:

As you can see! :wink:

Fun pics, but ouch with the first one. :open_mouth: It looks Drgan did himself some "manly" harm with that pointy stick. :stuck_out_tongue:

hey! I am the shapeshifter here.

hell, andorra will end up looking like the wilderist home of some quasi-bjornaer weirdos instead of a proper flambeau covenant :laughing:


To me #5 gets you want you want. The animals in the area are a part of the nature of the area. Any that LIVE in the area would communicate and respond to the magi.

Make whatever kind of crazy characters you want :slight_smile:
As long as you guys all have fun, that's all that matters.
And Andorra was never very proper :wink: Large Flambbeau legacy, yes, byr every House of the Order has some legacy there as well.

Shapeshifter by Virtue perhaps, but not alone in self-transformation I'm afraid! :wink:

Ex Misc weirdo thank you very much! :stuck_out_tongue:

Octavian is not a weirdo!

P.S. Skinchanger IMO!

Magi have the Gift, ergo they are all weirdos. Just go ask a random peasant.

Well, don't worry: my verditius should have a real flambeau mentality, halfway between the old psychopaths and the new knightly flambeaux :smiley:

LOL, I love House Flambeau. So misunderstood, even by themselves. Me myself, I always used the following equation with 3rd edition material.

White Wolf hates all that is good and supports Evil
White Wold had ad things to say about old House Flambeau
Therefore, Flambeau = Good

White Wolf: Criamon are secretly right
Modern Ars: The Criamon are secretly all wrong.

See how that math works? :smiling_imp: