Nature vs Nurture: Fae Arcane Connections

I was perusing the Realms of Power: Faerie book this morning out of a desire to brush up on the nature of the fae. While reading, a question just popped to mind, and thought it might be interesting to share it. Bear in mind this is (for now at least) just a thought experiment, not something that has actually happend in play.

The question: Imagine you get an Arcane Connection to a faerie. Is the Arcane Connection "connecting" to its role, or to the underlying faerie?

This question might seem weird or even moot, but consider this scenario, pulled straight from the book (RoP:F p. 15, near-bottom of third column): a hero fights and kills a (faerie posing as a) giant, and later on the same faerie returns in the guise of its brother seeking revenge. Another example, taken from the book as well (RoP:F p. 48, middle of first column): a hero kills a (faerie posing as a) witch, and the faerie (being incognizant) rebuilds its body into her own daughter, who now seeks sevenge unto the slayer of her mother.

In both scenarios, just pretend that "the hero" was actually a party of player characters and that, in the process of "killing" their antagonist, they acquired an Arcane Connection to their enemy. Now suppose for whatever reason they didn't toss the Arcane Connection aside as soon as they finished the fae, but instead kept it around. And once the new faerie appears, they try to use it as an Arcane Connection to the "new" faerie, suspecting it's actually the old one in a new role.

Would the object in question still work as an Arcane Connection to the faerie in its new role?

In other words, do you think the Arcane Connection was "tied" to the role of the faerie, ending its relevance as soon as said role ended? Or to the underlying faerie playing that role, keeping on being an Arcane Connection to said faerie into its new role?

I'm not really interested in whether magi would actually think to use the Arcane Connection or not, since this could come up with a cognizant faerie instead of some player characters. My curiosity lays solely in whether the Arcane Connection would still be an Arcane Connection or not.

I think it would depend on what the arcane connection is...
p. 10 indicates "All of a faerie's possessions, if generated from glamour, are arcane connections to that faerie until it changes it's role". On the other hand, if you have the faerie's anchor I would have to imagine that would persist as an arcane connection. Similarly a piece of artwork or craftsmanship used top alter a faerie's glamour would remain a connection to that faerie- though how long it remains a connection would depend on when the faerie changes their aura again as well as what the object is made of (changing a faerie glamour with metal craft might produce a very durable arcane connection...)

Right, well said, I had somehow forgotten that. Though it would turn back into incidental matter once removed from the aura, so I guess you would have to fix it inside the aura, which kinda renders my point moot anyway. Now that I think about it, it seems like it would be really hard to gather an Arcane Connection to a faerie.

Now, do you think that would also apply to, say, a lock of her hair freely given as a token of appreciation? Or some other, less melodramatical part of the faerie's glamour freely given?

It seems to me there would be no difference whether it's a part of its body or some clothing. It would either turn to incidental matter or not depending on whether it was stolen or given, but in any case it would only remain an Arcane Connection until the faerie changes its role. Which kinda seems to answer my question.

There's something else regarding this, but I'm running short of time so I'll elaborate more later on.