Necklace of Power

My maga is going to turn into a Living Ghost. Although this is still a long way ahead, she is preparing for this. One of the problems is access to raw vis. I want her to be able to carry her raw vis with her as a ghost, not restricting her to lugging around physical "containers" for the raw vis. For this purpose, I am contemplating the following item.

Necklace of Power
This is a necklace of silver, adorned with 15 gems, each one corresponding to one of the Arts. It is invested with the following powers:

  • Siphon Power ReVi 30 (B 10, +2 Voice, +10 levels Unlimited Frequency) transfers raw vis to the neckalce.
  • Sparks of Power InVi 19 (B4, +1 both amount and Art, +2 Sun, +4 levels Constant Effect) imbues each gem with sparks, one spark for each pawn of raw vis, in the appropriate stones.
  • Spiritual Power MuTe(Me) 34 (B 10, +2 gemstones, +2 Sun, +4 levels Constant Effect) makes the amulet into ectoplasm when "worn" by a ghost, allowing a ghost to wear it.

I'd love comments on any of the above. The last power especially is fishy. The effect is the same as that of turning an invested gem into a very unnatural gas, with Mentem as a requisite instead of Auram. I could see an increased base level, and am not sure if a Group target is not needed (to target all the gems and silver in the item) - I reckon the necklace is an Individual but the price for affecting gemstones needs to be paid.

As far as I am concerned there is two types of vis - raw or used - raw implies that while it can be pushed into different shapes without changing it's nature, that it is fair game to all, and that whoever takes hold of the physical object can keep it. Used vis is no longer usable for any other purpose.

Converting raw vis into a ectoplasmic spark stored within an ectoplasmic amulet means that no one else can possibly recover it from you if they defeat you. No longer usable by anyone else means it is no longer raw.

My solution to your problem would be to make the necklace hollow - with a storage compartment for storing shaped raw vis. The shape you make as tiny pearls of different colours. Do not try to make the necklace ectoplasmic with you, but instead make it enchanted to be held by ghosts as well as mortals. Also enchant it so that it can pass through solid objects as can all items contained within it. This makes the vis on hand, individualy accessible, but also fair game for anyone good enough to take the amulet off you.

It also fairly makes a maximum amount of vis stored within, which is also needed. A necklace with 5000 vis stored within would be incredibly overkill.

Calebais has a fine section on ghostly vis that might be of inspiration. Basically if you touch the place where the ghostly vis is you can use it. You could also use Vim to transfer it to some tangible physical object so that it could be handled in normal ways by mortals. Or you could use mentem to lift and carry the ghostly object. In any instance this leaves several ways for a magus to claim this vis nonetheless.

As envisoned, the necklace would turn corporeal as soon as the ghost is destroyed (by PeVi or PeMe spells), or the ghost removes it (in surrender, by ReMe spells, or so on) - so I think it's fair game, the raw vis is accessible as normal upon the ghost's defeat.

Not that I plan on anyone defeating my maga. :slight_smile:

Celebais certainly does seem relevant. :sigh: I'll need to buy another copy, apparently, since my friend lost mine's :angry:

Well, the basic idea seems sound to me.

Perhaps an item can hold an amount of raw Vis equal to the number of cooked Vis it can hold, giving gems a capacity of 12 to 20, depending on their value.

As for being able to effect the gems, I think there's a rule, which I can't find to quote, that says an item treats itself as "personal", and Personal is never larger than "Individual" no matter how big you are. Now, this is a weird case, for sure, but many Enchanted Items are made up of multiple items, and I wouldn't think you'd need to target a "group" to effect them, like with a ReTe to teleport it to you.

I would, however, advise that turning something ghostly is harder than turning it into mist, since there that weird "solid to ghosts" thing, and add +1 Magnitude.