Need a new author for the podcast: MR James?


In the podcast I've been mining the stories of Lord Dunsany for plot hooks. Last month I upper my plan for one month, which has let me put all of his larger public domain stores that are relevant to us up as episodes, spaced at one per month.
There are 20 or so stories from "51 Tales or The Food of Death" that I've not done., because they are tiny and better suited for a post a day sort of event. I've not done the stats yet, but they don't go live for at least a month, so I'm alright there.

Basically though my podcast plan is 'use it or lose it" and so I should start thinking about a new author. I'd like to use MR James, with notes from me as to drawing stories back into the 13th Century. His heroes tend to be fusty old men living in University colleges and chasing after old books or ruins, so I think it might work. There's a copyright issue with his fourth collection (it's past 1923, which is the cutoff for the US), but his most famous stories are from the first two, and I can describe the others, if not quote them.

My concern with him is that everything is quite samey, after Dunsany. Most of James's monsters look much the same (hairy human or spider thing, for example).

So, my basic point is, if people want someone else, now's a good time to suggest them.

I also have my eye on a story of a ferret god by Saki, but that's just a one off.

MR James often references ancient lore and theology, so there's plenty of room to use those in posts about the stories. Just make sure you fully reference the Black Pilgrimage of Chorazin.

We need a better index. Has it been used before in Ars?