Need help finding movies.

There are plenty of wuxia and gun-fu movies, but not much HK films available on the mass market dealing with sorcery and the supernatural. I have yet to even see a hopping vampire in a film (sad but true). I may be able to get a copy of Chinese Ghost story trilogy, but every other HK supernatural movie I've heard of are set in the contemporary juncture.

A good movie with some Sorcery would be Ninja Wars. "Rival clan leaders scheme to win the love of a beautiful woman and rule the world. A brave young hero (Hiroyuki Sanada) and a master swordsman (Sonny Chiba) join forces to save her from a horirible fate."

This was the movie that I saw foul spew for the first time. I enjoyed it, and would cite it as a good source for sorcery.

Spiritual Kung-Fu (Jackie Chan) is good for showing Ghosts.
Seven Samurai also shows an evil sorcerer.

Hope that helps.

What you'll be wanting is Mr Vampire, which features a whole shedload (well, mortuary-load, actually) of hopping vampires. Including one that has trouble with high steps. Sits suitably in the 1856ish juncture, too, with some European 'manners' vs China culture comedy.[/url]

It isn't a problem finding Japanese sorcery/supernatural movies so much as Chinese ones. It looks like "Mr Vampire" is available on Amazon, so I think I'll try to get it.

Mr Vampire is kind of awful but fun.

I do recommend the first Chinese Ghost Story film at least.

Also, it's hard to go wrong with The Heroic Trio. Sort of modern-day masked avenger + martial artist + gun bunny against an evil eunuch sorcerer and his minions.

A tip is to use the keywords in imdb:

Mostly anime, but whatta heck. :wink: