Need help, spell resistance how it works

I have been looking though the rule book both front to back and back to front now a couple of days. And I can for the love of a deity not find the rules for if a spell cast upon another magi will have effect or not. =(

I am playing with 4th edition rules, not sure if there are any changes made with the 5th edition or not.

Al I can find is that you add your Parma Magica x 5 to your form. But no mention of any die roll getting added. And I can not find anything on how to now if you know if you succeed or not, do you compare the level of the spell, how well you rolled??? Also penetration gets added somewhere as well...

Is it just me that is blind staring at the same things over and over or are the rules badly organised with regards to this?

Super thankful for any help.

Have a look at ArM4 p.179f Resisting Hostile Magics and the box Exempli Gratia: Magic Resistance on p.177 there.

The stress die to roll for Magic Resistance is mentioned on top of the second column of p.179. The use of Penetration is summarized in the box Penetration Total on p.177.


Thanks for the reply but my rule book do not match what you are talking about. There is a section called "Resisting Hostile Magics" but it is on page 72-73 but it merely gives some general information. Nothing specific at all. =(

I am using the Free Ars Magica PDF (as my book is at the place where we game).

There is only one gray box? in the whole book named Exempli Gratia but it is about magic items.


Yep, it was early in the morning and I looked up the 3rd edition from 1992, as it was on top of the heap of my old ArM books in the closet.

In ArM4, you have the chapter Magic Resistance on p.72f, and the stress roll for magic resistance is specified on top of that chapter on p.72. How to use the Penetration skill is already specified on p.53, and the book appears to otherwise only handle special cases (fast-casting, item penetration, creatures' resistance and penetration etc.).

I hope this is more helpful.


Thank you for the help.

It was what I had found earlier. The funny thing is the most insightful / helpful part is that very short description of how the Penetration skill works.

It is mind boggling how they "skipped" the how you battle with magic. Would have thought that would be quite a big part of the game. But as the melee rules are quite lackluster as well they probably intended for the players never to get into combat... =/