Need help to understand spells

1) Post- & Pre-cognition
In 4th Edition there were imaginem ritual spells to scry what happened on a certain place a few years back and forward in time. How would you people do those kind of spells today?

2) Summoning Ghosts
If you have an arcane link to a ghost, do you use Creo or Rego to call it to your side?

3) Familiar bond
Are there other books in which you have other bond qualities for your familiar, in 4th edition there were quite a few, in fifth edition, not so many?

We wouldn't. They violate the Hermetic Limit of time, and technically shouldn't have worked in the 4th ed either. They were (IIRC) a legacy of the 3rd edition, where funnily enough, they shouldn't have worked either

Looks like you want to cast Incantation of Summoning the Dead, ReMe 40, ArM5, p. 152 - or possibly the non-ritual version mentioned in Legends of Hermes.

Bond Qualities are gone. In the 5th edition, you Invest the Bond with (more-or-less) standard Hermetic effects, so you can really design your own.

By 'bond qualities' you mean the Cords from ArM5 p.104? There are other Cords described in HoH:MC p.89ff for Faerie Familiars.


No I mean the +5, +10, +15 (and negative equivalents) that you could bestow upon the Familiar and its bond with you.

You can try and read the memories of or converse with the plants /rocks/ etc in an area but by and large looking into the past is something that you can not do. Looking into the future can only be done by collecting information on the present and recent past then making good guesses (see sailor's foretaste of morrow" ok the spelling and possibly the name is very likely wrong but there is an intellego auram spell that lets you predict tomorrow's weather )

The spells for summoning spirits in mysteries revised and RoP: Magic might work as well. here is a list of the spell guidelines that aren't in the core book: ... elines.pdf

that sums it up pretty well. A familiar bond is an invested device with infinite capacity where you can invest any effect that you want as long as it targets either you or your familiar and as an added bonus the effects in the bond do not cause you long term warping.

Scrying backwards would be a significant magical breakthrough, but shouldn't be beyond hope. It breaks the current understanding of the Limit of Time, but it doesn't involve information traveling backward through time, which is the more difficult thing.

Scrying forwards would be beyond a normal hermetic breakthrough. Even once done it would be naturally inaccurate, and would simply represent a probable future (as with Hermetic Divination or premonitions).