Need help with a CrCo spell

One of my players wants to make a series of hygine spells. And the first one she created a diaper for her character's baby that included PeCo in order to make it easier for her when she is out travelling. Her next project is a CrCo item that she will send to Harco where it cleans a person's teeth or Maybe it is required to make a PeHe(an) effect

I am at a loss for a Base.

It is quite lesser effect so it should not be that high, all she wants to do is to clean the teeth.

Thoughts anyone?

Closest to an hygiene spell that I've seen is The Nailed Down Chamber Pot in Magi of Hermes p.76, which is a lesser enchanted item which destroys human waste.

CrCo can improve the health of teeth and (as a Ritual) heal them, but technically not clean them. Despite this, I would consider slightly-perfecting the teeth to include cleaning them from plaque and such. I would peg it as easier than creating an entire human corpse, so would suggest Base 4 as a guideline for it.

Note that cleaning your teeth won't improve your teeth's health. Tooth disease and decay isn't caused by germs or lack of hygiene. It's caused by maladjusted humours and minor demons. And teeth are, generally, in pretty bad shape, and you'd need CrCo Ritual Momentray spells to heal teeth and truly bring them to perfection.

I'd reserve PeHe(An) to cleaning the mouth from coarse food, which could be done by washing your mouth with a glass of water; CrCo is needed and suitable for maintaining clean teeth, IMO. Still, if dispensing of coarse food is desired you'd need PeAn B4+1 for An requisite.

I'd allow targeting the contents of the mouth with Target: Group and Range: Touch, for these effects, to make it easy.

Presumably the base guideline used in Purification of the Festering Wounds would work as a foundation for keeping your teeth healthy as if cleaned regularly, on the condition the spell runs the entire duration of an interval check against such ill effects...which I have no idea what that is without digging through A&A, and is still likely a DM decision. And yes, a ritual CrCo (base 20) would undoubtedly upgrade teeth to pristine condition and undo any damage poor hygiene had done. As YR7 states, a PeHe(An) would be the primary spell to remove food from your teeth, but I disagree that it would only do as much as a water rinse. If you don't want to follow humours and minor demons, then you're going to have some difficulty. Germ theory doesn't exist yet, and so Hermetic magic hasn't accounted for it yet, and magi wouldn't necessarily be any better equipped to know what to look for. There isn't a proper Form for microorganisms except in an indirect way through the heading of "disease".

As for poop disposal, that'd be PeCo Base 5, as Hermetic magic considers poop as much a human product as it does hair. While the guideline for "destroy a corpse" may sound like overkill, there's not really a guideline for "destroy a severed arm" or "destroy hair". As you're designing the spell/item, you should be able to incorporate restrictions on what the diaper removes without raising the level in this instance - because I doubt that you'd want the diaper to be a major tool in hiding the evidence of a homicide, or for the child's body to instantly disappear should it be killed for some reason.

From Magi of Hermes:

Nappy without Nuisance
PeCo 15
Pen +0, unlimited uses/day
R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind
These nappies are lesser enchanted devices embroidered with Perdo runes, making any magus think twice about using them. They destroy any human excreta that are contained within, thus eliminating the need to wash and replace the nappies often. Aurulentus had to promise to be extra careful while preparing this item, and had to conduct extensive tests before his wife allowed him to use them on any of their children.
(Base 4 (by analogy to the PeAn 4 guideline “destroy something made of animal products”), +1 Touch, +10 levels unlimited uses)

Maybe you can use this in your saga.

Keep the teeth clean
Perdo Animal (herbam, terram)
Level : 20
Range : Pers.
Duration : Mom
Target : Part
Destroy food remnants in the mounth of the magus. Prevent teeth desease. The Sigil, if appropriate
can give a perfume breath.
Base 5 (Destroy an animal body), +1 Part (mouth) +1 Herbam +1 Terram (dental calculus, optional)

Heal the teeth
Creo Corpus
Level : 20
Range : Pers.
Duration : Mom, Ritual
Target : Part
Heal a tooth (dental caries, toothache, many other dental desease).
Base 15 (Heal light wound), +1 Part (mouth)

I would be generous: Heal the whole dentition.

Probably, I would go as far as grant a +1 bonus for this year aging test, as long as it was cast within the first season of the year. Even if the knowledge of the time did not acknowledge how important is a healthy dentition, it can really improve health. When people have a hard chewing their food, their choice of nutriment will decrease, impacting their general health.