Need help with a spell: In Co

I want to make a spell in which I can locate my apprentice who happens to have a certain flaw (No sense of directions). So I want to use the Intelligo Corpus spell.

Base: 3 "Locate a Person to whom you have an Arcane Connection"

Range: Arcane Connection: +4
Duration: Concentration +1
Target: Individual +0

Total: 20

Or how would you do it?

I'd go with duration momentary, which brings it down to 15, you will remember where they were when you recast, and if they move you can always cast it again.

You've basically made The Inexorable Search, which suggests that to know where the person is, you need to have a map...

But, I would certainly allow this spell to pull double duty and give you an idea of the direction to the apprentice without a map, but I wouldn't necessarily give any indication of how close the apprentice is based on any other feeling without having a map. By keeping the duration at concentration and walking towards the apprentice you can either tell if the apprentice is standing still or very far away, because the directional pull of the spell would not change much when the apprentice is far away. When the apprentice moves and you're close, you'll feel the direction change, which will give you some information about distance... Probably can't do the arithmetic in your head to calculate how far away the apprentice and maintain concentration on the spell, though. :smiley:

Remember you'll need penetration, as your apprentice has their corpus form bonus to resist.

As Jonathan mentioned, you're re-inventing the Inexorable Search :slight_smile:
Ofcourse, I usually just use an Intangible Tunnel and Touch of the Lodestone - from HP - to the same thing.
...or CrMe to tell her to get home...

Sorry, I totally missed that spell.

Don't worry about it!
There's a lot of spells - if I had a dime for every time I'd missed a spell and someone'd pointed out to me, I'd be richer than I am! :slight_smile: