Need some help

Me and my friends are new to Feng Shui and our GM is having some problems understanding the fights. I was just wondering if someone would be willing to write up a mock battle for us, go through all the steps, the actions, the dice rolls. just like if it was a normal battel. Nothing elaborate though, just something simple so we can understand how a fight goes. Something like 4 PC's vs. like 8 - 10 mooks, maybe a named in there too. Just something to understand how a fight is played out. If someone would be willing to do that it would be such a big help. Thanks


I'm reasonably new to running fights myself but here it is in a nut shell.

as soon as the shit hits the fan (somebody on either side decided to make an attack roll) roll initiative. initiative is a single six sided dice plus the secondary attribute speed. the person or gmc with the highest init goes first, and that number that they rolled is the number of shots that take place in the combat sequence.

sample combat:
The villins:
Jin, an evil sorcerous scrappy kid from 69 ad
Kongo, his demon pet (supernatural gorillaish creature with too many arms)
ten mooks

the protagonists:

Dalton Mcree, an every-man hero with a penchant for baseball cards
Mori, a ninja with a blowgun
Randal an ex special forces with carnival of carnage

I make a card especially for each sequence (unless you have a handy laptop with a program that was mentioned in the offline shot counter thread in this forum)
on this card in record the speed, toughness, damage rating, dodge action values, attack action values if different, and current wound points for all characters in the fight.
so a card might look like this

Speed/ init: Dodge/ Attack AV

Randal 8 (spd)+ 3(# rolled) =11 14
Mori 9+4=13 14
Dalton 6+2= 8 13

Jin 9 +5= 14 15/ 13
Kongo 6+3= 9 13

mooks 6+4=10 13/8

toughness wound points Damage rating
Randal 8 15 13 (ak 47)
Mori 6 0 10 (katana)
Dalton 8 3 ?

Jin 4 17 10 (blast)
Kongo 9 0/13/8 (extra arms) 10 (arm) 13 (ak47)

Mooks Who cares (keep track of # alive) 9 (glock)

These numbers may not be wholey accurate, but I'm making this up, and theyre close enough

lets say this fight occurs in a tunnel in a half-way finished waterway (just like in Diehard with a vengence...sweet) there is a dump truck, a jackhammer, a sledge hammer, a cordless drill....lost of great stuff just lying around to be played with

any way, so you can see from the init rolls, that jin with 14 goes first.
so the fight starts on shot 14

Jin has chosen lightning as one of his blast schticks. "meddlesome fools!" he intones, "I"ll stand your hair on end!"

Jin attemps to fry dalton with an arc of lightning from his finger tips.

He makes an AV roll based on his sorcery skill. the difficulty is daltos dodge rating. dalton has the option at this point to declare that his is actively dodging, thus increasing his dodge rating by 3, but decided he wants to find out what his opponent is made out of. (plus his init roll sucked and he doesnt want to lose a shot by actively dodging)
Jin rolls 2 six sided dice, one positive and one negative (its nice to have the same 2 different colors for all players if you have enough dice. keeps the confusion down)

he rolls +3 and -1 added to his sorcery skill of 13 = 15 daltons dodge rating is 13, thus Jin succeeds by two.

for the vast majority of attack types, the damage has a base rating, to which is added the outcome of the attack. since Jin has a base damage of 10, he deals 12 damage to dalton (he succeeded by 2) the gm tells dalton that he has taken 12 points of damage minus toughness.

dalton has a toughness of 8. thus he receives (12-8) 4 points of damage
"I"ve gotten worse shock from taking my laundry out of the drier!" counters dalton.

using a sorcerous blast is a three shot action, thus Jin will act next on shot 11.

Since noone else goes on shot 14, the Gm says "ok we're on shot 13, whose on shot 13?"

Mori is on shot 13 and raises her hand.

"I salute the demon with my katana, then follow up with a swipe at the head"

Mori Rolls two 6 siders (one + and one -)
2 and -4 Moris action value with martial arts (the skill used for any hand held weapon, thrown weapon, or barehanded attack) is 14, 14-2 =12
Kongos dodge action value is 13, a narrow miss.
"Your formality didn't pay off" the GM informs her " The brute realizes whats going on just in time and takes a large step backwards. your blade passes just inches from his nose"
Moris attack (like almost all attacks) is a three shot action. she will act again on shot 10
none else goes on shot 13, so the GM calls out "shot 12"
noone at all acts on shot 12 so the GM, after enough of a pause to make sure than noone gets skipped, announces shot 11.

Jin and Randal both go on Shot 11. I like to let the players go first unless I have a good reason to do otherwise.

Randle : "I'm gonna clear out the rabble"

Randal is the group mookinator. he has 3 schticks in carnival of carnage. meaning that he can attack an unnamed character (mook) in only one shot rather than 3. furthermore, he takes down unnamed characters on an outcome of four or more (rather than five)
he also wants to do a stunt take out 3 mooks at once. this action incurs a -3 penalty. (p. 128 for complete rules on this)

"I drop down and roll behind the rear tire of the dump truck. Then I poke my Ak out and start dopping mooks"

Randal rolls two dice (+&-) and gets 3 and -2 for +1
Mooks go down on a 13 regularly (their attack AV plus 5) but Randal has Carnival of carnage at level 3 and thus they go down on 12 (Att AV + 4)
Randals Guns skill is 14
14 (AV) + 1 (dice outcome) -3 (stunt penalty) = 12, just what he needs

" three mooks drop in quick succession like dominos, the rest stare on, slack jawed as their buddies drop" Says GM

with carnival of carnage, Randal will act again just one shot later (shot ten)

Jin is pissed at daltons insult

"Then burn instead" He Howls (Blast starts with three elements (or whatever) to attack with ) and he sends a turbulant ball of fire at dalton.

Dalton, despite his bluster did not enjoy being electrocuted, and he sure isn't interested in coming to this kids BBQ. he decided to actively dodge and says so. increasing his dodge to 16. "I turn around and take running long jump away from the kid, pulling my flannel up over my head"

Jin rolls 2 six sided dice (-&+) and applies to result to his Sorc AV.
-2 and 1 for -1

13 sorc av -1 = 12 v.s. daltons dodge of 16 a clear miss, but for effect the gm says, " a wave of heat rushes over top of you as you hit the ground, toasting your flannel and slightly melting the bottom of your boots"

because dalton actively dodges he reduces the shot he would act on by 1
( he would have acted on shot 8, now he acts on shot 7) it doesnt matter that Jin would have missed anyway, dalton still loses the shot.

and thats it for shot 11

and the fight carries on this way. next shot (10) would be mori randal and the mooks.

I recently inquired about how to speed fights up. see the "fight scene duration" thread for some good ideas on mook running.

also, I havent really gone into much detail about fu powers of transformed animal schticks, which are really cool and interact with the shots in varrying ways.

other common cool things. Reducing shot costs of actions. see page 130

and I'm about spent.

When you run out of shots the sequence starts again. you can take actions that are longer than the number of shots left in the sequence (you can still attack on shot one, even though its a three shot action ) some actions however carry over to the next sequence (like if you are taking a 7 shot action, like climbing over a large pile of garbage, and you start on shot 4, you must subtract 3 (the number of shots left to finish your action ) from your next initiative roll)


wow! Thank you very much! I appriciate that alot. I will print that off and give it to my GM. That should help him quite a bit. Thank you for taking the time to write all that down, that was alot. Again I really appriciate it, thank you.

Thanks, shubacca! I had bookmarked this thread to type something up myself, but was happy to see you had written up such a good example!

ahh, this thing takes out extra spaces. sorry, that combat chart is a little more confusing then when i wrote it.

Still handy. Thanks for the write-up.