Negative Soak Question

Hello Everyone!

I had a quick question regarding a character's Soak score. If a character's Stamina is a negative, does he take additional damage from an attack? For example, a character with a stamina of -1 wearing no armor is struck for 5 points of damage. Would he actually take 6?

Also, does a negative Stamina reduce your armor protection?


Yep. His body is bad, he has to assume it.

Yup. If you want, the combination of a character's soak and wound levels gives you his "hit points".

Thus, compared to the average human, there are people with more and less hit points (stamina). And then, things with vastly more (giant with size +5 stamina 0) and vastly less (pixie with size -5 stamina 0)

Ah, thanks! I am used to order versions of the game, where you had a separate damage test. The current rule makes sense, although it could be a little clearer in the text...