Never Downloaded pdfs from Backerkit

I contributed at the 30 dollar reward level to the kickstarter for UA 3rd edition. Unfortunately, I did not download them at the time, and obviously that backerkit is closed now. Sorry for not doing things in a timely manner (in my defense, I was couchsurfing and dealing with a ton of personal issues.. didn't end up getting the physical books either, as whoever was supposed to hand them off to me, failed to.).

I'm mainly looking to get ahold of some electronic version of books 1-5, I have a play group that wants to play the game. I still have some of the older game, but I thought it would be better to play the new version if I could. Particularly since my playgroup is planning to design a game ourselves, and we are partly playing games to search for shiny ideas to reflect on.

According to BackerKit Pledge Manager for Unknown Armies Third Edition Roleplaying Game I should have:

Book Four Playtest Release
Book One PDF Digital
Book Two Digital PDF
Book Three Digital PDF
Book Five Playtest
Book One EPUB
Book Two EPUB
Book Two MOBI
Book Three EPUB
Book Three MOBI
CSK 001
CSK 002
CSK 001 v1.1
CSK 002 v1.1
Book Four
Book Five
Book Four MOBI
Book Four EPUB
Book Five MOBI
Book Five EPUB
CSK Derby Girls
CSK_HeroinHighway 1.1
PDF Tools

Thanks for your time :slight_smile: <3

Our customer service person will email you directly.


Hey, just wanted to say thanks for reaching out and helping me with this. Awesome! (Also I love the commitment to Social Justice issues throughout the game, very inspiring!)