New Actual Play Area!

I'm pleased to announce a new area on the forums for actual play! This area is for GMs (and their players) to post actual play writeups of games that they run offline, and for others to encourage with replies.

Games in the actual play area are like session journals, as opposed to play-by-post games with active gameplay online.

Users at "Level 1" and higher can create their game as a new topic. Updates and comments should both be posted into that same topic. Your first post must be approved by admin before it appears, and should use this format:

Game Title:
RPG System:
Game Moderator:
Game Description (1 sentence):

Session 1 Writeup:

Thanks to Heaven's Thunder Hammer for suggesting the addition of an actual play area, and for supplying the first campaign there. Check it out here:


@Michelle Thank you so much for taking me up on my suggestion!