New Ars Magazine Preview

Hi all,

Although I'm still sorting out some Paypal and credit card hurdles, I am now giving a sneak preview of the new Ars fan magazine. The preview is available here:

I am informed that the name is in fairly common usage, so I am open to other thematic or appropriate names for the magazine.

I can be contacted on if you have any questions.

  • Alex -

Looks pretty good, and I'm ready for some more ArM fanzine goodness.

I'd be happy to help with any part of the process...

(But please, justify those margins!)


I am SO looking forward to this. Get PayPal sorted out and I'm in.


This is great news. I'd be glad to help if you need...well I'm not sure what I could do, but I'd be glad to give help.

How about Colentes Arcanorum (after those dudes in House Bonisagus who disseminate the research of their House?)

That's an excellent idea IMO.

I like it. Difficult for having it show up when someone does a quick google search, though.



I'd wondered about "Milvi Antiquiti" (Latin: "The Kites of Old") after the Mercere group that distributes books from HoH:TL.

Given all the drama about new authors on the Berklist however, I suggested to Alex that perhaps "Milvi Nova" or something similar (sorry my Latin ended at high school and I only brush up on occassion).

Continues on the whole Mercere theme of "Redcap", "Hermes Portal" and "Project Redcap"...



Beautiful! Looking forward to reading the final magazine.

As opposed to the Colentes Arcanorum who deal with magic created within the order you could name it after the Tenebres Occultorum who seek out exotic magics for inclusion.

(I've previously thought that Colentes Arcanorum would make a fine tittle for participants of this forum with a sufficient number of posts)

Like maybe the rank above Sovereign Regnant?

This is great news.

My paypal is ready when you are.

I also like the idea of "Milvi Novum", or what have you.... Continuing the tradition of the redcaps.

Rather than "Volume" and "Issue", you could use "folio" and "season".


I second that motion.

But do we all have to submit as Bonasagi? Are we only allowed to submit after acheiving a particular rank? :slight_smile:


p.s. I have to double check, but forum rankings are global, I think. The Feng Shui players would end up with magus titles.

Sadly, I can't view it on my computer. :frowning:

I use an old Mac with OS 9 and Acrobat 5 because of my requirements with regard to Arabic software. I guess more modern PDFs aren't backwards-compatible...

Good incentive to upgrade your Acrobat... I'll have a look at the Arabic script settings. Not sure that there is any in the pdf.

  • Alex -

For what I've got, he has this version of acrobnat and Mac OS 9 in order to see his onw arabic texts, not those in the Rosa PDF :slight_smile:

Glad you sorted the problem Alex. Waiting to strart getting it. Might try to contribute some stuff (if you do not ax it! lol) if I find the time. I have already pormised 3 articles to several mags. And my languiage is not even English! Oh the pain.



Well if there's no Arabic in it, then I'm definitely not interested! :wink:

The issue is indeed that I'm using an OS 9 machine with Acrobat 5 for my work on a mediaeval Arabic manuscript, and I'm in a position where I can't upgrade to a new machine yet. Since there isn't a more modern version of Acrobat for OS 9, my access to newer PDFs produced by others is limited by how far they make them backwards-compatible...

Still, it's only a temporary issue. I expect that my wife will let me use her OS X machine to look at the PDF when she gets back from her business trip. :slight_smile:

Edit: And I just became an Apprentice on the forum! Only took me a couple of years or so...

Just fifteen more and you can pass your Gauntlet. :smiley:

chuckle At the rate I'm going, I'll probably do that in about 2039.

Always two there are, no more, no less. A master and an apprentice.
But which was Gauntleted, the master or the apprentice? :wink:

And of course quantity and quality in posting are not interdependent at all... :open_mouth:

But on another note a gratualtion to Fruny also for joining the Regnants!