New Atlantis Covenant

[size=150]New Atlantis Covenant (We can change the name if people prefer another)[/size]

The covenant's Hooks and Boons are currently as follows:


Aura, x2 (minor boon): The site of the covenant has a large level five magical Aura
Haunted (minor hook): The ghosts of numerous former residents remain in the temple complex. Most are so far gone that they are merely background settings. But a few have enough awareness to interact with the real world.
Healthy Feature (minor boon): The covenant is on an airy hill overlooking the surrounding countryside. As such, it gives a -1 to all Aging checks for people living at the covenant.
Limited Aura, x5 (major boon): The central part of the covenant, including all of the major temple structures, has a level ten magical Aura.
Monster (major hook): Arviderax the Resplendent, a powerful dragon, lives in the central temple of the covenant. The covenant members have an alliance with Arviderax, but he’s still largely an unknown element.
Regio (minor hook): Arviderax lives in a regionne in the main temple building of the covenant. It’s unknown what the boundaries of this regionne are.
Seclusion (minor boon): The covenant is remote from everywhere.


Crumbling (minor hook): While extremely sturdy, the temple structures are also over two thousand years old. As such, they are crumbling in places.
Edifices, x7 (minor boon x6, free boon x1): Among the temples in the covenant there are seven that are of note. One is a large, central temple, in which Arviderax lives. This one is free, since the covenant does not have use of this building. The other six are ideal for laboratories, meeting halls, libraries, or the like.
Temples (free boon): The covenant is formed in a fallen temple district on the island of Atlantis. These temples are used for most of the needs of the covenant. These structures are made of sturdy stone, but are not designed to be defensible.


Secondary Income (minor boon): The covenant has a Typical source of income in Charity from other covenants. The magi know that this income source will not last forever, so it behooves them to develop other income sources on the island.
Wealth (minor boon): The covenant has a Greater source of income in Charity from other covenants. Half of this goes to paying the demands of Arviderax, leaving the other half to cover covenant expenses. The magi know that this income source will not last forever, so it behooves them to develop other income sources on the island.


Cavalry (minor boon): House Tremere has donated a small contingent of cavalry to the covenant.
Crossbowmen (minor boon): House Tremere has donated a small contingent of crossbowmen to the covenant.
Magical Residents (minor boon): A large number of the residents of the covenant have at least one magical supernatural ability. These residents were recruited so that they could serve the magi within the powerful magical Aura.
Mercer House (major hook): In order to get all of the support it needs, and to keep itself connected to the rest of the world, the covenant has agreed to locate a Mercer House within the covenant.
Peasants (free boon): Most of the residents of the covenant are peasants, recruited from other covenants.
Rights and Customs (minor hook): In order to recruit sufficient residents to service the covenant, certain rights were promised them. These must be observed or there will be trouble among the mundane residents.
Suffrage (minor hook): Women are granted the same rights as men within the covenant.

[size=150]EXTERNAL RELATIONS[/size]

Beholden (major hook): Given all of the aid the covenant has received to get its start, a number of covenants can rightly expect that their calls for aid will not be ignored.
Dedicated Covenant (major boon): The covenant is dedicated to making the island of New Atlantis a strong haven for magi. As such, it receives aid from other covenants within the Order.
Exceptional Book (major boon): Among the books that were donated to the covenant is a copy of an exceptional summa on the Art of ______. (Decided by the players)
Hermetic Politics (minor hook): It is inevitable that the covenant will get drawn into hermetic politics.
Mundane Politics (major hook): It is inevitable that the covenant will get drawn into mundane politics.
Rival (major hook): The undersea kingdom of Atlantis laid claim to the covenant’s location when it was underwater. They can’t use it now that the complex is above ground, but they’re unlikely to be happy about it, and will no doubt cause trouble.
Tribunal Border (-3): As it stands, the covenant does not easily fit into any particular Tribunal borders. This will make for some difficult discussions with the closest Tribunals.


Atlantean Ruins (minor hook): There are a variety of Atlanean runes nearby the covenant.
Fallen Temple (minor hook): The temples that make up the covenant have not been fully explored. There’s no telling what they might contain.
Legendary Site (minor hook): The covenant is built on the ruins of one of the most holy places on Atlantis. This can lead to some trouble.
Protector (minor hook): The covenant is dedicated to protecting settlements that are provided on New Atlantis.


There are also 3 points of hidden Boons and 10 points of hidden Hooks.

Map of New Atlantis Covenant:


Currently the covenant has the following income:

Charity: 350 pounds of silver/year

Currently the covenant has the following expenses:

Covanent Upkeep: 199 pounds of silver/year
Tribute to Arviderax: 120 pounds of silver/year

Excess: 31 pounds of silver/year

Reserves as of 1221: 61 pounds of silver.



Okay, it's a bit early, but I wanted to get the discussion going for the covenant itself. This is a list of Boons and Hooks that I think represent the covenant as it is (or will be). The only place where I got really ahead of myself is in Residents, since you don't have them yet. But the others are really about the surroundings.

Please look this over and let me know if there are any other Boons of Hooks you think are appropriate for the covenant.

You will also be able to build the covenant as you like based on Build Points that represent donations of books, vis, vis sources, enchanted items. lab texts, and personnel from other covenants interested in seeing New Atlantis succeed.

Right now I was going to give each magus 250 points to spend as they like for the covenant. If that seems off, we can always adjust later. I'd like to see these points spread out in a reasonable manner that represents a realistic kind of donation structure. No fair spending 200 BPs to get 1000 vis. That's just not realistic.

I plan on spending quite a bit of my points on specialists to represent the support from House Tremere that Andor will be bringing. I'll also be making his companion the turb captain.

As it stands here's my current breakdown:

315/360 Points (Base 300 +60 from character creation)

10 BP - Steward (8 + 2)
10 BP - Chamberlain (8 + 2)
10 BP - Master Smith (8 + 2)
10 BP - Master Stonemason (8 + 2)
10 BP - Master Carpenter (8 + 2)
10 BP - Master Shipbuilder (8 + 2)
50 BP - 5x 'Architects' (Finesse trained specialists) (8 + 2)
30 BP - 6x 'Sergeants' (Leadership) (5)
150 BP - 30x Soldiers (Divided between Footmen, Crossbowmen and Cavalry) (5 + 2)

It occurs t me that if the aura is at 10 where there is a regio, then that regio would have to be in the Magic realm...

You know, I hadn't thought that through. But I guess you're right.

Well, if ever there was to be an entrance to the Magic Realm, then at the confluence of five ley lines would be the place.

I'm torn on how to handle specialists. According to the rules on Build Points:

So at first blush it would seem as if you need to pay for every guard, teacher, and craftsman with BPs.

But then the rules go on to say: "Characters created as grogs or companions need not be paid for with Build Points."

Now, I get the part about Companions not costing BPs. But I'm not certain about what it means to say that a character created as a grog need not be paid for with BPs. Does that mean if I stat out a really good teacher I don't have to pay BPs for him? I tend to think that's an end run around the rules. Then again, I don't want to have to charge you for every single grog that has a useful skill or you'll quickly run out of BPs.

So here's what I think I'll do (at least for your starting covenant). Any beginning grog that has a maximum skill of 7 or greater (not counting Puissant, but counting Affinity) will have to be paid for in BPs. (This means you could have a 'free' grog with an 8 Ability if they have Puissant.) Make all the grogs you want with skills of 6 or lower. It's just the 'notable' grogs that cost BPs.

One exception to this is Teaching. If your grog has Teaching, then you'll have to pay for the grog as a Teacher no matter what their maximum skill is and no matter if you stat them out or not.

Another exception I'll make (and this is on an ad hoc basis) is if you want a large number of grogs with a certain skill set (beyond what's normal for a covenant). Having one or two carpenters is fine. But if you want six carpenters, that's getting extreme. You'll have to pay for some of them. This goes for soldiers as well. You can assume that a covenant with five magi will have a dozen or two soldier grogs. But if you want more (as I know Andor does), those will have to be paid for.

Now, once your covenant is set, I'll certainly allow recruiting of new grogs through story or the like. But for the starting covenant, we'll go with these rules. After all, these grogs are all being given up by their covenants. You won't get all the good people.

To that end, I'll say that you get 300 BP instead of 250 BP. That should allow for a few good grogs.

That sounds completely fair to me, I'll modify accordingly.

FYI, in the coming seasons, Sophia will be writing a summa on Magical Theory (Q8/L15), so there's no need to buy one with BPs.

Any thoughts on what Art we'd like the exceptional book to be? Figure it'll be a L22/Q13 book.

I'd prefer anything but Rego, Terram, and Vim. Specific preferences are Creo, Muto, and Corpus.

May I also suggest that each of the magi agree to spend one or two seasons in the coming years translating lab texts for the library. That should give us a nice base of spells. And since we're all pretty high level, the loss of a season or two shouldn't hurt too much.

We'll also have a lot of tractatus once we all put our collected correspondences in.

Here are Magnus' proposed build points. (The Art books may change if we pick an exceptional book that matches one of his choices)

BTW, my plan is to have Magnus learn Hermes Portal so that he can create one (maybe two, depending on where the colonists are coming from) to allow us to transport people and goods to the island. Once we have some colonists, that'll give us a year to get stuff moved over.

(More new posts on the previous page. Don't miss 'em!)

Might want to spend some of the rest of that on vis sources. :slight_smile:

Initial thoughts:
a) The covenant as shown on the map is much smaller than I anticipated. That just the grounds of the covenant proper?
b) very happy to provide spells and lab texts from Constantine's grimoire, that's what his apprentice is for after all.
c) exceptional Book on art - not Rego or Mentem, otherwise not overly fussed.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean. There's land around the covenant that could be used for whatever you want. And realistically, the level 5 Aura might be a bit wider than shown. I was limited by the map I had.

There's also the island proper (that dot is the covenant):

What did you need a large covenant for?

(As a note, remember that there's a wiki with a bunch of maps and other information:

Would you have to train the apprentice on your magus shorthand first?

So no Rego, Mentem, Terram, or Vim.

I've done some back-of-the-envelope calculations for base loyalty for the covenant, and it looks good. Given that two of the magi and at least one of the apprentices are Gentle Gifted, you only start out with a base -2 Loyalty.

Add into that your aging modifier, turb captain, steward, and chamberlain, and you get up to +2. That's not counting the fact that some of the grogs are used to some of the magi and that you might do other things (like pay them more) to make them more loyal. You could probably raise loyalty to +3 without much difficulty. Not bad for a covenant thrown together from the grogs of many different covenants.