New Covenants in Provencal

I've been dwelling on the idea of new covenants in the Provencal Tribunal, and thought I'd share a few. These could be player or non-player concepts.

Beziers; a covenant decides to take advantage of the ruined nature of the city, to blend in with the city as it is rebuilt. They present themselves to be clearly neither Cathars nor Crusaders, and slip into an increasingly deadly struggle with the infernal forces lingering after the sacking of the city.

Crusaders; a collection of Flambeau, Tytalus, and Tremere [ join in the sacking, pillaging, and plundering / righteously join in the struggle against the heretical Cathars ]. At first they are mobile from a secure base, but later settle in one of the seized high hilltop fortresses. They are naturally set against Ostal des Exiles and half of Tolosa Paratge - and don't win many friends in the other covenants.

Troubadours; A wandering band including Jerbiton, Merinita, one or two Redcaps, Ex Miscellanea, and other interest magi, pursuing the art and magic of music, poetry, and storytelling. Interests include redeveloping and collecting the highest peaks of Languedoc culture. They are likely to run up against the harsh realities of the region.

Wolf Pack; House Tremere seeds a covenant in the Massif Central, with a clear, blunt task of establishing a House presence and forward operating base in Provencal Tribunal. They are joined by a recruited Bjornaer with a wolf heartbeast. Orders are to recruit the local werewolves, and prepare the ground for continued Tremere presence. They answer directly to Protendus, who is under strict instructions to not let another Lariander develop.


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These ideas are excellent!

It occurs to me that Atsingani may well wander from Normandy to the highlands of Massif Central, either on contract or on speculation. Move them closer to the Wolf Pack, and you've got necromancer magicians, werewolves, and gypsies in one region. If any vampires followed along or ghuls wandered up from Grenada or a Corpus specialist and a golem, and you've got Uberwald centrally located in Western Europe. :laughing:

More seriously, Atsingani might move south to escape Normandy's somewhat stifling atmosphere and into the wilder and more open opportunities of Provencal, or simply to operate across the border. Montverte might approve of this or not.

Nidi is also just across the river, and might well defect in affiliation if not in location.