new curse type spell(death of sleep!)

death of sleep base effect-you prevent the person/animal from sleeping for about 3 moons causing the subjects death
prequisite-rego corpus(mentum or animal)40
duration-3 moons
tell me what you think of this spell idea.

That's actually quite good. A very unpleasant thing to do to somebody, and the name is nicely poetic. However, there's no 3 moons duration - did you read what I said about durations before? I also wonder if you shouldn't have have made it Perdo Corpus, perhaps with Rego and Mentem requisites, as the spell destroys or removes a natural ability of the body. Also I don't think it should result in death, just accumulated loss of Fatigue Levels and then Light Wounds until the target's accumulated penalty is so high they can hardly do anything. Anyone who wanted to finish them off after that would have a very easy time of it.

Well, incapability of sleep does caus death. In Roman times the Carthaginians used it as a death sentence. They removed the victim's eye lids, the Romans even had an expression for this, I just cannot remember what it was... School's Latin happened sooo long ago.
So duration "moon" would be more than enough.
Imagine to cast this spell (inability to sleep) with duration: until (until the victim falls to sleep)... :smiling_imp:

thanks for the input! :smiley:
I thought that this would be a interesting spell.

See? He may be a bit erratic and imprecise, but Abe does have a few good ideas now and again.

Go Abe!

For future refrence the 3 moons duration is because the "victim" must make a savings throw every moon for 3 moons to avoid death!(thussly the odd duration)

You are confusing game systems Abe. Regular Moon duration should be enough.

ok then,1 moon it is.

On a related note what sort of amunition would you fine people put this spell into?

And here we go again:
Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses! (Boethius)
If only you would have kept quiet, we would have appreciated your input much more!