new duration(moon variant)

duration-moon(a butt stiking out of the clothing)
the spell with this duration is as long as the caster can "moon" the target
good duration for fey or magi with a chaotic streek
tell me what you think of this duration.

HoH:MC page 100 - that is what I think.

Beside that I think nothing else of it.

Already covered by multiple other durations such as "While". Or you could take the "Sorcerous Mooning" virtue. :unamused:

So, what are we talking here...? Maybe Diameter?
Then we need to apply

Level: 45
Boots of the Norseman
Range: Touch Duration: Until* T: Ind
Rego Corpus Req: Animal

Causes the leg of the person casting the spell to shoot out. Usually cast in response to "Moon" spells, this causes the foot (shod or unshod) to Injure the offending 'Moon'. Damage is +5. A finesse roll of 6 indicates proper placement. If properly placed the foot will cause +8, and automatically Penetrate (No Resistance). Each round* the foot is in contact with the target, the caster may cause an additional stress roll +5 to the target.
Target must make a Stamina stress roll of 9+ or begin crying like a baby

Base 15 +4 Until, +1 Touch, +1 complexity. Req is not added in.

After the second time around and taking the time to read the spell probably, you did make me cry... :laughing: :cry: :laughing:

Thanks! And gratulations also - I hope this Anti-Moon-Shield wasnt your claim to fame as Grand Master.... Henceforth the gathering of the Grand Masters will be quite dull (or painful).

Another valid Anti-sorcerous-mooning would be something called:
Pillum of Penetrating Pain.
I don't have my books with me but I MUST build it, just in case thoses mooning-sorcerers happen to show themselves.

Thank you. :smiley:
No it wasn't..that piece of posting passed unnoticed amongst the confusion of my life...

This IS a jest, right?

acturally I was semi-serious.

abe jest?

Kind of like:
Pigs fly
Rocks float
Hell freezes over...
February 30th

abe is the rock we stand on....the clock we set our watches by...

That makes my head hurt.

Okay, then.

Abe is our local Criamon, holding up a twisted mirror to us all. It is supposed to make your head hurt.

grins Once played in a campaign where I witnessed a Criamon magus reducing a poor guard first to tears and then to calling out "I am a FISH" and jumping into a nearby lake still wearing his chainmail... all this done with not a single spell. Only words... and a helthy dose of hypnosis. :wink:

I thought he was our local jester. Criamons are much more comprehensible.



I try to be serious,but I can't handle serious very well.

...or rule books

(sorry about that)

(stand in the corner and speak 10,000 Lords Prayers and ask for forgiveness)

Methinks the two aren't unrelated.

Maybe, maybe there is a slim correlation between Abe... divergent ? ideas and the fact he doesn't even know what ars magica is about really by not reading a single Ars book.

Well, maybe.