new duration(poem)

this duration is the leangth of time to say a peom of sorts
tell ne what modifiers I would use for this & what you think of it in general.

Your spelling is failing, but your questions are improveing. You ought to update to Ars 5 Abe. In Realms of Divine one of the Ranges included is "Recitation" which is considered equivelent to Concentration. A spell could be developed using a modified parameter. Remember to add the appropriate modifier for not having a standard range.

thanks!spelling is NOT one of my streong points,I am sorry about that.
another duration Idea I had was burp(about 2-3 seconds,could last as long as a minuite)

It's comments like that Abe that make me want to smack you on the nose with a rolled up copy of Ars3 (the heavy one). Keep your bumps to yourself. :angry: :wink: