New Edition Officially Announced

Robin D Laws has announced that a brand new edition of Feng is in the works:

It looks like they'll be casting the net pretty wide for ideas for the new revision - what sort of things would you like to see?

Its long time after I played this game last but I would like to see how to create your own powers and paths in the core book or a GM book.

The stuff I had to say, I said in the RPGNet thread about the new edition.

Do you have a link to that thread?

Hey folks! We will be making a few more announcements in the very near future, chief of which is how we're going to conduct the playtesting of the new edition and how you can provide feedback and thoughts about the game. As Robin has said, we're planning on a Kickstarter and a launch into retail, and we're working with Atomic Overmind Press to make this a really kick-ass new version of a game that was already kick-ass!

Presumably he's referring to this: ... -Irwin-x-2