New England

Gang....I'm away from my books.

Can anyone remember if New England was mentioned in the Thebes book?

This isn't the New England in the USA: there's a myth mentioned in a couple of sagas of some Anglo-Saxons fleeing England when the Normans took over, went to Constantinople, and were given land in Crimea. They called it Nova Anglia.

More here:

There is TSE p.15 The Macedonian Dynasty about the Varangian Guard consisting after 1066 mainly of Anglo-Saxon fugitives.
Nothing about Nova Anglia in TSE tmk.

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It definitely wasn't mentioned. (Just did a quick check of TSE for the word "England" and it didn't appear. Also there's no use of the word "Crimea" in TSE).

I've been interested in the topic ever since I read Caitlin Green's summary of the evidence


OMG this is amazing! I now hvae to figure out how to use it...


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To support other statements, a PDF search found nothing for Nova (except Nova Roma) and no Anglia.

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Thanks all,

So, that'll be a podcast episode. Darkwing's link to Caitlin Green's work is the best thing I've seen on this. In our case, though, you might recall there was a covenant founded to fight the Normans that has since fallen? It was called...H????'s Revenge or something? I can see them heading east.

Basically a migration that great, as opposed to just going to Ireland or Italy, has to have some sort of odd spin on it, and a covenant would make sense. The area they are in is treated, in the Tribunal map, as if its in the middle of nowhere, but actually they are right on the Silk Route that makes Genoa enough money that they can throw down with Venice.

The Genoese haven't bought Kaffa yet, but they are close, and I think we have a really interesting sort of setting in the Black Sea that we haven't fully explored. For example, ploticially: why are they in the same Tribunal as the Rus, when they are just a week's sail from Thebes? IRL its because the people who laid out the original boundaries didn't know sea travel is faster than land travel in period, but in game, there's a clear political tension between the vis poor Roman tribunal's colonies sent into land Thebes may want to claim.

I'm pretty much committed to my Cornwall and Venice stuff just now: but I've been eyeing Georgia as a potential area to write about for a bit, and Ghazia has similar themes (how do you deal with the Khanate as overlords, for example?)

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The Saxon refugee covenant is Horsingas. Loch Leglean tribunal, near the north of the Stonehenge tribunal border (Hadrian's wall).

Great stuff about the Saxon crimeans. Love it!

Definetly not in the Thebes source book but very interesting for the saga I am preparing

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