new farie rego(xanth,maybe?)

xanth is a land of puns & magic!
not syure how to put this in ars magica terms though,except by way of LOTS & LOTS of punny vis maybe.
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Piers Anthony is a bit too much of a paedophile (or at least someone who sexualises pre-teen kids) for Xanth to be anything but .... icky.


Did you bother to read the link?

I think 2 of the posted quotes probably says it best:

Add to that that there seem to be quite a lot of disagreement about the books actual degree of content as well.
Accusations seem to be mostly about a claimed advocacy which noone seems able to locate.

And from :

And i found this little "commentary" quite fitting:

If you think he´s "icky", fine but throwing slander at him because of what he´s written, not so great.
Personally i´ve never read anything of him.
In the link, Heinlein is mentioned as another advocating "illegal sex", you want to accuse him as well?

I've read at least as far as "Zombie Lover" (22nd in the series IIRC) and can't really think of anything particularly risque in the books at all. Particularly when one considers that reproduction in Xanth is accomplished by ritually summoning a stork which then delivers a baby of the appropriate species to the parents.

In any case, Xanth is difficult to handle in an RPG as Talents vary dramatically in power and the hero/heroine generally benefits from abundant plot armor (similar problems to running a Supers game actually). That said, constructing a pun-infested Faerie Regio shouldn't present any problems so long as your troupe doesn't mind the occasional anachronism...