new flaw?(weirdness magnet,companion)

this flaw is just what it say's it is,you attrack REALLY weird stuff ALL the time!(the magi vartion is as usual,MUCH worse,they are already weird after all)

No. Ars Magica is not GURPS.

[size=200]ABE :exclamation: [/size]

:arrow_right: BUY Ars Magica instead of constantly trying and pestering people with trying to "translate" all the other games you apparently can afford :exclamation:

:arrow_right: READ Ars Magica instead of constantly trying and pestering people with ideas that a read of the user friendly rule book would either answer or rule out :exclamation:

:arrow_right: PLAY Ars Magica, if that's what you want, instead of constantly trying and pestering people with themes that are so remote to Ars that it's silly to try to force it into Mythic Europe setting :exclamation:

Why Ravenscroft ?

Oh Why ?

My theory is that abe and Ravenscroft are one and the same, and it's a bizarre social test of some kind ^^

Crossed my mind more than once.

Stranger theories have been suggested, and argued convincingly. 8)

It's a Wild, Wild Web, and lots of bored people out there. Who knows what passes for "fun" for some of them? :unamused:

Luckily we've got Quaesitors! :slight_smile:

Yeah, but what else?

abe, whats your address? If you post it I will send you a book. When you get it, READ IT. If you have questions AFTER you read it, we will be quite pleased to answer them.

You can PM me with the info if you wish.

Extremely lucky we've got kind Verditii that'll send you sweet stuff!! :smiley:

If you pass on that Abe, maybe Urien will be even kinder and ship me a Societas book... :wink:

Abe, did it not occur to you that wizards, by their very quintessence, are "weirdness magnets?" Things don't actually get much weirder being a magus...or at least, not in any of MY games.

I was going to avoid commenting on this thread since it was originally started way back in Aug. of 2006, but since others have jumped in...

I think that most of you are looking at this wrong. The problem isn't with the idea, it's the out of paradigm way that it was presented. What he really seems to want is:

Greater Malediction (Major, Supernatural) Whenever something unusual or dangerous is going to happen, as part of the normal storyline of the saga, it will automatically target/affect you or someone you care about in preference to any other character.

This gets the "weirdness magnet" effect without creating any "new" weirdness and is completely within the "feel" of Ars Magica.

Kazin - in RPGs in general, all player characters are weirdness magnets. Magi don't have the exclusivity.