New Forums, Old Questions

Being on new message boards means there will be plenty of old questions that will be asked. These aren't really worthy of being added to any FAQs but people will likely want to know.

With Jeff Tidball as the Line Editor for FS, what new products are in the works?

Which quarter is Glimpse of the Abyss scheduled for release?

Are the copyright issues for Back for Seconds clearing up and/or expiring to allow for a reprint (hopefully with new material too)?

What updates in the plot (if any) of the Secret War will we see?

I think that's most of the questions still without closure from the last forum. Maybe there will be new answers...


John has pretty much already answered all of these specific questions, but I just wanted to post and let everyone know that I'm here and generally paying attention, as well.

Re: Glimpse -- I'm still awaiting some final Glimpse materials, but I'll try to keep these forums updated with information about the book's progress.

Re: Other Books -- If I got the opportunity to sit down and write any FS book that I wanted, starting tomorrow, I'd write Blowing Up Los Angeles. Important note: I'm NOT saying that's going to happen, that's just what I'd write if someone gave me a blank check to write any FS book I wanted. This is definitely not an announcement that such a book is coming; it probably wouldn't even be a smart release, from a line development standpoint. So, basically, I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

Thanks for the quick responses!

I'll definately be looking forward to the release of Glimpse of the Abyss. It's been a long time coming, but am sure it will be worth the wait. With the number of Underworlders involved in the various factions, it'll be good news to have better details to work from.

Keeping us (read: FS fans) updated is always appreciated. It reminds us that there is progress building on the book, not dust.

90 years of copyright. Time to search the 2nd hand bookstores for my copy. If there is any copies left to purchase.

Though there's nothing planned, it would be good to see new books on the horizon. I'm closing in on a 'complete' set of books, and will always look to what's new for inspiration. Blowing Up LA would be quite cool, London has had previous references to being blown up. Perhaps small advances in the Secret War could be slid into those books (if said blank cheque were ever to be writtten).

Thanks for paying attention to the forums, and for the outlook on the product line.


Believe me, it is a very nice feeling to know that you have ALL books. :wink:
Yes, GotA would be very nice., although it would mean the end of this fantastic RPG.

(except for Daedalus first edition in color :confused:)


I think I would love to see Los Angeles in flames. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing GotA when it finally sees the light on the Source shelves.

Since both of the products mentioned by Mr Nephew have been released, will we see Glimpse of the Abyss in 2006?

Or at lease by 2056? :mrgreen:

I hope so, but unfortunately, the circumstances beyond our control that have delayed it to this point are continuing to delay it. That said, a release in 2006 is definitely not out of the question.