New Game, D&D/Ars Magica Combination

System: D&D ars magica homebrew
Format: Discord Voice,Roll20
Time: 2021-07-02 and runs weekly at 5pm pst
Players: 4
Sources: The Homebrew (ask me and i can write up anything that is missing)
I have a homebrew that melds the idea of Ars Magica into the system of Dungeons and Dragons. You will start as recently gauntleted magi from any house you wish, starting a covenant in a tribunal of the groups choosing that is published in the fifth edition, stonehenge or iberia.

Wait. D&D in mythic europe? That's a thing?

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it basically a bunch of ars magica spells and lab rules ETC with the grappling leaping other things, stats so int, con, dex, rolling a d20 to see if you succeed, but not the skills you have ranks in ars skills, and combat AC/hit points. it is a homebrew i have made

Honestly I'd be more interested in Ars Magica rules for a D&D setting.



I'd enjoy seeing your D&D rules posted in full.



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