New Handout

Hehe, thanks guys. I'm glad we could cel[color=red]ibrate that properly. :smiley:

You're right, it takes at least two people for a proper conspiracy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm... This consiiirarjsy has been spoked... :open_mouth:

Before, there was only one Grandmaster, and all was well 'cause all over the Forum the people knew of Tyrells alter ego, his Mr Hyde, known as Abe, but now another Grandmaster have been named... will this forum survive yet another Mr Hyde? In what guise will he come to the people of Forum...? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Congradulations. :slight_smile:

Back in -my- day, the Secret Masters were, well, Secret. Nowdays it all public libitions for the Very Public Grandmasters. :slight_smile:

Some of us kids have only been in the on-line ars comunity 10 years or so and thus don't even qualify to be COOF's much less gain admitance into the SMARM club (a club who's admittance requirements are so strict that it is is rumored that no one has EVER been able to join).

Dude, according to your ArM Code, you were playing Ars Magica when Ronald Reagan was still President of the U.S.. You're a COOF. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the screen download! Looks great!

I noticed a typo under "Certamen:"

first off, I believe it's "Cert-A-men" -- with an "a" -- not "certeman" as you have it now.

Also, "Attack Total" should be "PER + Tech/Form...", not "PRE +..." as you have it now.

Thanks again!

Attack is Presence, Defense is Perception. So much for magi with Int/Sta +5 and Pre/Com -5.

ahem... serf's parma.

sorry about that, Master Fruny. I'll get back to cleaning the cauldron, sir...