New here!!!

I am new to Ars Magica RPG and I am wondering if anyone in the hampton roads area in VA game with the awesome setting that is Ars Magica!!

Hi there. Welcome to the forum.

I can't help you with a game unfortunately, but hopefully there'll be someone near you. Do you have a local games store you could ask at too? From experience, even if they don't have a particular game running someone is likely to be intrigued enough to set something up with you.

Good luck.


Thanks for the warm welcome! All I have around here is people that play D&D :unamused: Well thank you for the ideas and suggetions :smiley:

Being situated in a different part of the world, I'm afraid I can't help ypu with players either.
But I'll be happy to help with anything else as well.

You say you have D&D players in the area? Could they be a group willing to convert? Depending on the ages, experiences and (most importantly) in general what they like to play, they might be swayed.
Of course, the setting and way of playing Troupe Style and multiple characters can put people off.
Anyone always playing a sorcerer or wizard? Perhaps they could be interested in the fabulous magical system, flexible, detailed and has a good mythic feeling IMHO. Perhaps they can be intrigued by Spotaneous Magic, where you improvise the spells you need on the fly. Or perhaps they will be fascinated ny the rules for Lab projects, where you can invent or enchant all sorts of cool things.
Anyone always playing a fighter? If it's the 'leader' kind of fighter, with hirelings and using these and tactics - rather than just a berserker charging greatsword flailing - this might be a good Grog Captain.

You don't need to play with multiple characters, but since Magi most often are so much more powerful than companions, things might get unbalanced if some players only have non-gifted characters. One idea is to give companions 3 points of free virtues, or allow them 10 points of virtues only balanced by 5 points of flaws. This way they get a little break, get something for free and don't end up with massively crippling flaws.
A way to ease the group into troupe style games, is to slart them out with just a magus (or whatever they want) and eventually they'll be wanting a second character. Perhaps the adventure this week is of little interest to the magus, or he has something much more important to do this season, or perhaps he is hurt from the last story and needs to recuperate. Suddenly, having a companion with other interests and areas of speciality than your magus seems a good idea.
I especially find the seasonal activities to be of great importance to the magi. And if adventures tend to - or just loo like - they'll take longer than a few days, thenthe magi loose time in the lab.

And if someone really, really doesn't want to play a magus, let them play Mythic Companions or Faeries with some interesting powers.

Thanks for the ideas! I will try that out with anyone willing to listen! I have a group of friends who are interested in trying out a Rpg!
Well if anyone is interested to please PM me!

And don't hesitate to ask for tips, help and inspiration. I'll be happy to assist.