new item(crest of fear)

This hood when activated spreads a cobras crest around your head scaring people to within a inch of there lives & making them run away from you unless they make a apropriate personality roll of 7 or better.
when the hood is not in use it looks like a standard scalars hood.
tell me what you think of this item please.

:open_mouth: I actually like this, and it is perfectly doable! Well done!

I'm intrigued - mostly by wondering if it would be better to make it a more or less complicated enchantment.

A continuous CrMe would allow for the creation of the cobra's hood in the mind of the recipient, plus the fear, and allow a powerful mage to create the hood in one season.

However, it would have to be range Voice (with a command to activate, so not as subtle as some might like) or Sight (which can get expensive), and targeting groups starts to make it a really high-level spell.

On the other hand, a device with the power to
A) change the hood into a physical snake's hood, or do the same with Imaginem;
B) create fear in an area

would be less difficult (at least by a level of magnitude), but is two separate powers and requires more seasons to do and possibly more vis.

Abe does have good ideas now and again. I like his creativity.

He likes simple straight forward effects, so I figure the hood just looks cobra like because of its tailoring, and it would be a straight up CrMe fear effect (eye maybe?, item maintains concentration, etceteras).

Most of the time they are copy-pasted DnD spells and items, though.


Any other snake type cowls could be made though huh, maybe?
Think this as a base point for jumping off.

PeCo30 Gaze of Venom R-Eye, D-Mom, T-Ind

Stare into someone's eyes, and they die!

I think it would be more amusing to spit venom, as per a CrAq.