new item(manticore's belt)

Like the maticore's glove(I did that previously)it lets you shoot out bolts of crystal,but only behind you(unlike the gloves)
It is made of a leather alloy of maticore & dragon flesh that is finely sewed together.
tell me what you think of this item.

I don't think you need such refined materials to make a CrTe magical item, even without the Form and Effect bonuses.

Also, unless you want a linked trigger for it to shoot anyone coming up behind you, why bother making it so singularly directional? Why not just have a belt that fires Crystal Dart-like projectiles in any direction you want?

this belt reacts to fear & most enemies would approch you from the back if they wantted to take you by supprise.

I think the idea, at its core, is pretty good - a proactive anti-ambush item.

However, I think you're unnecessarily restricting the user by making it so limited. It's not terribly difficult under the enchanted items rules to make an item that will chuck a rock in any direction at a surreptitious attacker; why only straight back? Making a cheap spell that just launches a missile behind you is likely going to miss, so you'll have to instill some sort of targeting component anyway.

Also, my second objection still stands. As far as I can guess, it's going to take something like thirty pawns of vis to open a manticore-skin item for enchantment. For this effect, you could probably get away with something that only requires eight pawns, like a gold bracelet or a belt with silver links. No need to waste time and vis chasing down a manticore.