New Item - Moon Liquid

I've had an idea for a charged item for my own homebrew world but was wondering about its legality.

The effect is very simple, but the medium is the issue. Can a magus enchant a liquid as a charged item? Normally I'd say of course, thats what potions are, but in this case the effect makes a liquid glow. Now could you seperate that liquid into different containers? And if so aren't you effectively getting a group target for free? I'm inclined at the moment to allow it as is but would welcome thoughts of the wise sages of the forums.

Here is the item

Moon Liquid
Moon liquid is a simple potion that looks like milk. It activates when poured out of the bottle and begins to glow as brightly as a torch but shedding a blue light rather than an orange one. This light lasts for a month and is typically poured into glass vases, beakers and other such clear receptacles in temples, noble homes and so on.
Moon Bright
R: Per, D: Moon, T: Ind
The moon liquid begins to glow brightly upon being poured out of the phial and continues to glow for a month.
(Base 3, +3 moon)

Sounds like a charged item with multiple uses to me. Perfectly kosher.

You can seperate the charges into as many 'objects' as you make charges.
ie. if you make 7 charges worth, you can seperate that into 7 units of liquid, i 7 different bottles.
Perfectly kosher.

Ofcourse, I'd personally prefer a more lasting device:
R: Touch, then enchant the vessel such that liquid poured from the vessel will glow.
But that's just me :slight_smile:


It´s a nice little effect.

I was thinking less of making 7 charges in seven different potions and more of what happens with a single charge in a bottle.

I.e. you have a bottle of this liquid containing a single charge of the effect. You trigger it by pouring the liquid into a bowl. Hurrah! One bowl of glowing liquid. Now you get 5 shot glasses and fill each from the bowl.

Now, does the liquid remain glowing in each shot glass too? Or does it go inert, seperated from the largest sample that retains the effect, or what? If you allow the single charge of the effect to be spread like this, doesn;t this allow you to create a large volume of glowing liquid (or simple effect) and then split the amount into smaller amounts after activation? Would that be giving you extra charges at lessened volume? Is this even a problem? Maybe not with this glowing liquid but one could imagine other effects where it would be.

I see 3 options here:

  1. The item is "broken" and so the effect stops
  2. The smaller samples do not glow. The larger effect stops working when half the liquid has been removed.
  3. The smaller glasses still glow. However, the overall effect is reduced. It is like having a bonfire and removing branches from it. The overall effect might be that of a bonfire, but noew you have a reduced effect in the form of some torches.

I like the third option. The smaller samples of the liquid would turn into glasses that glow like a candle or so.


I'd go with option 1.

If I have a wand that throws Pila of Fire and cut it in two, it stops working (until repaired anyway, see Projects, box on p. 114 and/or HoH: MC p. 125ff).

I would probably do it something like this, it still glows when divided up, but progressively less so.
If you divide one charge in 10 parts, the combined total glow from all 10 parts might be about 1/10th of what the single complete charge would give. So you would have 10 glowy parts, but each providing only 1% of the light of the complete amount.
So, split into two halves and each half produces 1/4 as much light. Makes for a nice magic "feel".