new item(non-magical,maybe?)

dust shield-when it is hit it releases a cloud of dust that can blind opponents in a 10 ft.radius in front of the shield holder in the direction it was facing when hit.
It must be reloaded after 6 hits which can be done after battle either by hand(which takes 6 rounds of cancentration) or magically (which take as long as the spell is cast)
one possible use would be as a lab item(for terran or arun effect maybe?)
tell me what you think of this item & what varients you would use if any.

might work better as a magical item,maybe?

Sounds good to me. Wouldn't be too hard, probably best as a lesser magical item although you could do it just as a charged item, and there are all sorts of variants depending on what you want to come off it when it's hit (blasts of bright light, sprays of acid, the ever popular touch-range lightning-bolt, the possibilities are endless)

rust of ten score years, I hasd it in an armor once, but a shield would be better

how about squirting holy water?(might be good against deamons or vampires)